'The Voice' season 14, episode 11 recap and performances

"The Voice" season 14 moved into its knockout rounds on Monday, with coaches Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson deciding which artists they would take to this season's live shows. However, the bigger story was the NBC show's introduction of the Save, which provided yet another opportunity for contestants to avoid elimination. So who actually went home? Here are the highlights from Monday's episode music fans need to know:

1) Jackie Foster is saved again

Between Steals in the battle rounds, Steals in the knockout rounds, and now the Save in the knockout rounds, it's become very hard to be eliminated from "The Voice." The latest example of that is Team Adam's Jackie Foster. Though she lost her battle round, she was stolen by Adam and given a second chance in the knockout rounds. She then also lost her knockout round - only to be stolen again by Alicia. That means Foster is now on her third chance in "The Voice" season 14. Was her knockout performance worth it? Play it by using the video above and decide for yourself.

2) Two artists are protected by their coaches

In addition to the Steals, each coach has the opportunity to save one artist on their own team from the chopping block. Both Adam and Blake exercised that right during Monday's show, with Adam extending his safety net to singer-songwriter Drew Cole while Blake protected crooner Austin Giorgio. There are still three episodes of knockout rounds remaining, so will either coach regret using their trump cards this early in the phase? Especially for Adam, who also used his Steals in the battle rounds relatively early, this could come back to haunt him later if another artist has to go home because he can't stop it.

3) Two stolen artists come up short

For all these safety measures, "The Voice" history has proven that most artists who are saved from elimination wind up exiting the competition relatively after they get another shot. That was the case for Miya Bass and Jaclyn Lovey, who were both stolen during the battle rounds and then eliminated on Monday night. Also getting his walking papers was Team Kelly's Justin Kilgore. Of the six knockout rounds shown in Monday's episode, only three of them actually led to an elimination. But the Steals and Saves will run out eventually, so who will be next to go?

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