'The Voice' season 14, episode 9 recap and performances

"The Voice" season 14 started its second and final week of battle rounds on Monday, with another six head to head performances while artists competed for spots in next week's knockout rounds. Meanwhile, coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys all handed out steals to losing artists, as Adam Levine was left unable to help anyone by virtue of using both his second chances last week. Here are the highlights music fans need to know from Monday's episode:

1) The soul explosion

Team Blake had the battle of the night at the very start of the episode, with Pryor Baird and Kaleb Lee giving everything they had to an energetic cover of "Don't Do Me Like That" which you can watch by playing the video above. It was a fun, truly show-stopping number that "The Voice" doesn't have nearly enough of anymore. It also painted Blake into a corner because he had to lose one of these two great singers. He chose Pryor, but thankfully Kelly stepped in to save Kaleb. Team Kelly is once again full, but that's a definite win for her as she picks up an amazing artist who should fit right in on her roster.

2) A very familiar cover

Over on Team Alicia we were treated to another version of a song that "The Voice" has heard a lot of times: "Thinking Out Loud." This time, it was courtesy of Jaclyn Lovey and Britton Buchanan. Britton won the battle, while Jaclyn won Blake's last steal and filled Kaleb's former spot on Team Blake. Both gave this favorite ballad their best shot, but is it possibly time to retire this song from the competition's rotation? "Voice" viewers have heard it a few times, with covers from Nick Hagelin and Chris Crump, plus Ed Sheeran himself performed it live on the show. It's definitely been done.

3) Alicia's first steal

The third steal of the evening happened in a battle you can't see again: Team Adam's Miya Bass vs. Drew Cole. After Drew won the battle of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door," fans saw Alicia use her first steal of "The Voice" season 14 to give Miya a second chance. NBC had not made this battle available online as of Monday night, which is the second time that's happened this season. If the show is doing this intentionally to make music fans have to watch the episodes live, that could be interesting especially on Mondays, when the series competes directly with "American Idol." For now, just know that Alicia is the only coach with a steal going into the final battle rounds, and she is required to use it Tuesday.

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