The Weeknd releases official music video for new single 'Secrets'

At midnight The Weeknd released a psychedelic music video for his latest single, "Secrets." It was directed by Pedro Martin Calero‎, and filmed in his home country of Canada. Less than half a day after it came out, The Weeknd's "Secrets" music video has already been viewed over four million times. Those that haven't seen it yet can watch it via the video above. 

The video was mainly filmed at the Toronto Reference Library. At the beginning, a girl is floating at the library. She floats down and lands on large, white bedding while men are standing around it. Suddenly, the men are gone and it's The Weeknd who is standing by it. 

Now things get trippy. The Woman is suddenly in an empty room with The Weeknd. They go to hug, but when they do she is no longer hugging him. In his place is a different man, or is it? Could it be that what she sees is the mystery man, but it really is The Weeknd? 

Whenever they show the mystery man it's mainly a reflection in the mirror or through what she sees. The Weeknd and him also change places in other ways. One minute the Canadian singer is standing on stairs, and the next second it's the mystery man standing in that exact same spot. The secret to what was really going on in this music video was not outright explained, so it's left to the viewers imagination. 

The Weeknd is about to head overseas as part of his Legend of the Fall Tour. Before that, he'll perform at the 2017 Firefly Music Festival. For up-to-date news on all things The Weeknd, visit his AXS page here