The Weeknd teams up with Marvel on new 'Starboy' comic
The Weeknd Vevo

This weekend, The Weeknd revealed that he had partnered with legendary comic publisher Marvel on a series of his own. According to the sneak peek he shared on Twitter, the comic will be titled “Starboy” after his third studio album and hit single in 2016. While not much is known about the series right now, from the looks of the cover art, it seems as though the first issue won’t be out until next year.

Based on the cover of “Starboy,” it appears as if the singer himself will be portraying the title character, adding “superhero” to his already impressively accomplished resume. Getting his start in 2010 as an R&B enigma, The Weeknd quickly evolved into an artist many referred to as the next-gen Michael Jackson. With his smooth croons and soulful beats, the Canadian singer’s debut album Kiss Land debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 in 2013, his second album yielded two Billboard Hot 100 number one hits, and Starboy was recently RIAA certified double platinum.

On Saturday, Oct.6, The Weeknd appeared at Marvel’s booth at New York ComicCon with a giant poster of his new comic behind him. Despite inquiring minds wanting to know all about the new project, the singer kept all his secrets close to the vest and other than the cover and 2018 release date, no other details are known at this time.

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