'The X Factor UK': A Room Audition standout seizes last-minute Bootcamp save, stuns in stadium performance
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“The X Factor UK” aired the grueling and intense Bootcamp round in the U.S. on Oct. 1 and 2 on AXS TV. Sunday’s broadcast was steeped in drama as several fan favorites under-delivered and were sent home. But, one courageous contender fought fiercely to change the judges’ decision and her risk paid off with a last-minute pass-through to sing in front of a 4,000-plus person audience at Wembley’s SSE Arena the next day.

Philippine native singer Alisah Bonaobra initially blew Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh away with her heartfelt, powerful rendition of Beyonce’s empowering anthem “Listen.” However, the petite singer didn’t fare so well in the group Bootcamp performance of Mariah Carey's hit “We Belong Together.” When she was told she wouldn’t make it through to the next round, Bonaobra broke down in tears and pleaded for another chance. Cowell wouldn’t budge. But, Scherzy followed Bonaobra backstage and attempted to comfort her.

Bonaobra belted out a better snippet of the song from where she stood and then “The X Factor” boss called her back out to the center of the stage and told her, “Based on what you’ve just done there from what I can hear, we’re going to give you a pass on this one.”

Bonaobra was overwhelmed with joy. She also seized her last-minute Bootcamp save opportunity by delivering a stunning rendition of “Defying Gravity” in front of the stadium audience the next day. Sharon Osbourne and Scherzy rose to their feet in a standing ovation for the largely theatrical performance. Cowell asked her if she wanted to be on the theater stage or be a recording artist and she brightly replied that she wants it all. The audience was thrilled when the Filipino singer earned a ticket to the upcoming Six Chair Challenge.

Other previous standout artists weren’t so lucky, including Rebecca Grace, whose emotional “Piece by Piece” audition moved all four judges. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it out of Bootcamp and neither did the maternal half of mother-daughter duo Descendance, as she gracefully conceded a pass-through for her daughter without her.

If Bootcamp was bad for some of the artists, advancing contenders will face their toughest test yet as they fight for one of only six available seats in each of the four categories. Be sure to tune into AXS TV on Sunday, Oct. 8 and Monday, Oct. 9 here in the U.S. at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT to watch the dramatic round play out.

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