'The X Factor UK' auditions round 8: A girl, 2 guys and a Gospel group shine
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“The X Factor UK” wrapped the season 15 auditions with round eight which aired last night (Sept. 24) in the U.S. on AXS TV. Many strong contenders have come through the audition ranks this season and the final batch of hopefuls hit the stage to perform for Simon Cowell, Louis Tomlinson, Robbie Williams and Ayda Williams and thousands of people in the arena audience. Overall, a girl, a guy and a Gospel group delivered memorable performances and earned a pass to the next round.

A Doubly Delightful Audition

Thomas Pound, 20, had loads of charisma and the vocal chops to back up his incredible rendition of Tina Turner’s signature hit, “Simply the Best.” But, when first introducing himself to the judges he revealed he has also performed in drag as Lady Frieda Wilde. Simon loved his first Thomas Pound performance, as did the rest of the panel. But, Simon wanted him to come back and do another performance as Lady Frieda. He happily obliged and Lady Frieda did a jaw-dropping set of splits in her dress and heels while rocking out to “Proud Mary.” Simon gave both artists a yes and Thomas and Lady Frieda are both moving on.

An Irish Girl Gives Vulnerable Performance

Chloe McAllister is 18 and from Northern Ireland. She sat behind the piano to deliver a stunning, vulnerable rendition of Jessie Ware’s emotional ballad, “Say You Love Me.” Camera pans to the judges revealed Robbie, Ayda and Louis were fully engaged. However, at the end of the performance, Simon said he got bored. Louis disagreed and said, “I was with you all the way.” It’s hard not to think of season 14 runner-up Grace Davies with this performance, as she often sat behind the piano. Despite his negative comment, Simon voted her through, along with all the other judges. Chloe is definitely a standout and one to watch as her journey evolves.

Two Guys Deliver the Goods

Several Boys category potentials took the stage and two of them stood out as having the whole package. Jon Guelas, 18, played guitar and did a great job singing Lukas Graham’s “7 Years.” We wish, in fact, he had sung a little more of the song. Louis said he thinks he’s got a little potential but needs direction and we think he’d be the perfect guy to give it to him.

Elliot Horne, 18, followed with a really good rendition of Shawn Mendes’ hit “Lost in Japan.” Again, Louis felt he also had a lot of potential. Could we be sensing a boy band, here?

Gospel Group’s Got it Going On

Family Gospel foursome ATTY brought all the feels with their gospel twist on another Shawn Mendes hit, “Mercy.” Their harmonies were tight, their vocals were dynamic, and their collective chemistry really made them shine. “The X Factor” is all about bringing something original to the table and ATTY’s style sets them apart in the Groups category this year. All the judges loved them and jumped to their feet in a unanimous standing ovation when they were done. This group could potentially go a long way in the competition. We hope they stay in the competition and can see them going a really long way.

“The X Factor UK” airs in the U.S. on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on AXS TV.