'The X Factor UK': Did the judges just discover the next big music duo?
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Lots of famous duos have emerged from the music scene across multiple decades like Simon and Garfunkel, The Black Keys, The Righteous Brothers, Daft Punk, and Outkast, to name a few. Did “The X Factor UK” possibly discover the next big duo in season 14 contenders Sean and Conor Price? Maybe.

The Price brothers strutted into the audition room and blew the judging panel away with their own rap-infused twist on the Bob Dylan classic, “All Along the Watchtower.” The fact that these boys, who are only 15 and 17, know this hit ‘60s song and wanted to give it new life for the next generation is amazing by itself. But, they really slayed their performance. Conor’s raspy growl fit their groove perfectly. It was arguably one of the best auditions we’ve seen so far this season, and maybe even in series history.

They were so good, in fact, that their audition shot straight to No. 1 and trending on “The X Factor UK’s” YouTube channel. The Irish native busking brothers expressed their excitement to their Twitter followers saying, “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We trending at No. 1 on YouTube!!! Your support and messages mean the world to us❤️🍀❌ #Xfactor.”

“X Factor” boss and music mogul Simon Cowell was beaming throughout the entire performance. Louis Walsh dubbed it “brilliant” and Simon added, “Well, this is probably one of the best auditions we’ve had” and called it “really, really rare.” We couldn't agree more.

Not only are these guys talented, but, they’re also good-looking, charismatic, upbeat, and genuine. It’s hard not to think of each of the young, fresh teenage One Direction boys when they first auditioned as solo acts in 2010. They went on to achieve megastardom as the biggest boyband on the planet and now each of them is having huge success as the solo artists they longed to be, especially Harry Styles. We can see Sean and Conor Price lighting up live stages. Though it’s really early, they have raised the bar massively high for any group who follows them.

You can check out Sean and Conor’s “X Factor UK” audition in the attached video clip.

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