'The X Factor UK' judge profile: Wise and witty Simon stirs the pot and says it all
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Nobody stirs the pot and speaks their mind quite like “The X Factor UK” creator, executive producer and veteran series judge Simon Cowell. The UK native music mogul is known for delivering sometimes sharp, often spot-on criticisms and daffy witticisms from his iconic judging panel seat. His remarks aren’t always popular. Live audiences have booed him and contestants have back-talked him more times than we can count. At the end of the day, however, Simon is arguably more frequently right than wrong with his opinions and he’s delivered some truly unforgettable “X Factor” moments.

First off, Simon never shies away from saying exactly what he’s thinking about a performance. He also displays his shock or distaste for a performance on both his face and his slow, exaggerated comment delivery. “What. The. Bloody. Hell. Was. That?!” is a trademark example. Or, how about: “I didn’t like that. I LOVED it!”

He also has a knack for describing and drawing comparisons about bad performances like we’ve never seen. Take these unforgettable gems for example:

“I don’t know what cats being squashed sounds like in Lithuania. But now I have a pretty good idea.”

“You have the personality of a handle.”

“You actually sing like a train going off the rails. You sort of start off in tune and then it goes completely off. And very, very fast."

“That song was like going to a zoo or something. I mean the noises were beyond anything I have ever, ever heard.”

Thanks to colorful comments like these, Simon Cowell has notoriously earned the reputation of building a love-him or loathe-him relationship with series contenders and the viewing audience. He also loves to raz and prank his fellow judging peers. He teases Louis Walsh about aging and has called Scherzy out for flirting. Despite his occasional cheekiness, female contenders of all ages have claimed to have a mad crush on him. Some have even flirted with him on the show and asked for a hug or kiss. He’s typically been a great sport about this -- and sometimes has even granted their requests.

Honestly, most of the time, most of us can’t wait to hear what Simon says. Sure, some of his critiques come off a little harsh. But, Simon’s gut reaction to an audition is often right on and he has a kind of sixth sense for recognizing superstars. One Direction is one shining example and arguably “The X Factor UK’s” biggest success story. They finished third in the competition and went on to become the biggest boyband in the world and in music history.

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Simon Cowell is an entertainment mogul, who is credited with co-founding “Pop Idol,” and creating and producing “The X Factor” franchise, the “Got Talent” franchise, and founding Syco Entertainment, which has signed Leona Lewis, One Direction, Little Mix, and Fifth Harmony to its label, just to name a few. Time magazine has named Cowell to its 100 Most Influential People list twice, in 2004 and 2010.

Beyond his business endeavors, he is a devoted and doting father to his son Eric and many fans and critics feel fatherhood has softened him up a little. He’s also an outspoken animal lover. Here are some more interesting facts you may not know about Simon:

He appeared on the BBC show Top Gear and ranked as third fastest “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” while driving a Suzuki Liana around the track with a lap time of 1:47. Per an US Weekly interview, he is the proud owner of three Yorkshire terriers named Freddie, Squiddly and Diddly. The first single he ever bought was “She Loves Me” by The Beatles. His L.A. guilty pleasure food is In-N-Out burgers. He loves licorice and if he could trade places with anyone for a day, it would be Frank Sinatra in the ‘50s.

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