Thom Yorke previews new music in short film
rag & bones films / YouTube

Radiohead mastermind Thom Yorke has released some new music and it wasn't on a Radiohead album or on one of his solo efforts. Instead, Yorke has released the new music in a short film for fashion label Rag & Bone. 

The short film is called "Why Can't We Get Along" and stars Ansel Elgort ("Baby Driver") and Kate Mara ("House of Cards"). The short also includes artists from the American Ballet Theater, Bulletrun Parkour, HipLet Ballerinas, as well as star Kandi Reign. 

The film has no dialogue and is simply set up with Elgort and Mara shot with different trick shots, while the film also shows the actual camera movements that created the shots opposite the actors.

The dancers move around the set while Yorke's music plays over the scene. The total running time is 6:37, and the song shares the same title as the short film. The film plays out like an interpretative dance, with many different styles involved showing what the director called people not seeing things and living through their phone screens.

The short film will screen at the New York Fashion Show, as all characters wore designs from the new Rag & Bone collection.

Thom Yorke joins his Radiohead bandmate, Jonny Greenwood when it comes to creating new music for films. Greenwood earned an Oscar nomination this year for his score of the Paul Thomas Anderson movie Phantom Thread