Three predictions for the New York Jets in 2017
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The New York Jets are a week away from their regular season opener against the Buffalo Bills. The Jets had a disappointing 5-11 record last season and finished near the bottom of the entire league.

Here are three predictions for the Jets this season.

#3. Josh McCown will not finish the season as the starting quarterback

McCown will win the Jets a few extra games, but they will still be out of contention pretty early in the season. The Jets will start looking at the future and starting a 38-year-old quarterback does not fit into a rebuild.

Barring injury, McCown’s last start of the season will be Nov. 12 (Week 10) against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. The bye week follows and then the Jets host the next two games. It makes perfect sense to start a younger player with no pressure to win games in the final weeks.
The Jets started Bryce Petty four times last season with little success. This time, the Jets will go with Christian Hackenberg in hope that the 22-year-old 2016 second round draft pick can take the job and run with it. The Jets would really like to go into the 2018 draft not needing to select a quarterback.

#2. Jamal Adams will be the best defensive rookie in the NFL this season

Adams won’t be the favorite to win the defensive rookie of the year award this season, but should win it. Myles Garrett was the right first pick overall, but Adams will have a greater impact right away. Pass rushers can take a little time to develop, safeties not so much.

Adams can hit and play a ball-hawking free safety. He was the safest pick at the top of the draft. Garrett may eventually be a better player, but Adams is ready for stardom right now. The likelihood that Adams is a bust is lower than the players taken before him.

#1 The Jets will finish last in the AFC East division

Many think the Jets will go winless, and understandably so, but they will find a three or four games to win. It will cost them the No. 1 overall pick, but will still be in the first three selections. McCown is good for a win or two and there is enough talent on defense to win another or two. Only once has a team gone 0-16 in a season. Even the worst teams fall into a victory every once in awhile. The Jets will be no different.