Three/\Sides premiere perfect summer anthem with 'IIPA'

The four-piece group that comprises three/\sides reflects their belief that there are more options to different situations, and that they're can be a better solution. Bandmates PJ, Alex and Mark all went to school (college) together, and upon graduating, decided to form a rock band, and after writing songs for over a year, they added their longtime friend, Matt Villa, to the mix. 

After releasing a single and an EP, three/\sides decided to constantly gig, and they even played several hot spots in Hollywood and Los Angeles, and made good friends along the way. They formed relationships with event coordinators, like the Westlake Brewsic Fest, which was hosted by three/\sides, and offered two stages and sixteen different musical groups. The event held over 300 in attendance with an exceptional response. 

With the positive reception to the band, this has catapulted the band to pursue their music passionately, the band spends hours jamming, writing music, learning more about music and the industry. 

The band is sharing an exclusive first-listen to their new single, "IIPA." The band tells AXS that "we’ve been experimenting and recording demo versions of "IIPA" since 2014. We had some lyrics about enjoying a day at the beach with a girl and realized relationships rise and fall like the tide. Our new life experience helped us transpose the song differently and better reflect our outlook on life. In 2017, we teamed up with engineers/producers Mike Kloster and Austin Linkous to create a version that will make you want to raise a toast." Here's a toast to the perfect summer single, indeed.

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