UFC heads back to New York City in November

UFC heads back to New York City in November

Photo by Eric Holden

History was made last week with the announcement that WWE will be running an all-female pay-per-view event in October on Long Island. The show, "Evolution," marks the first time the company will air a pay-per-view exclusively featuring female WWE superstars.

With world-class talent such as Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks on the roster, it's no surprise the WWE is allowing women to take over the spotlight. "Evolution" is expected to be a top-notch show, chock full of rising prospects, current stars and former greats. The show is absolutely a good look for the WWE, one that is already being praised by fans and media members.

However, the thing with the WWE's female evolution is that it was inspired as much by the UFC as it was from the fan-led "Give Divas a Chance" hashtag on Twitter. The WWE only started to push its female talent into more prominent roles once "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey became a top pay-per-view draw for the UFC. WWE saw that the UFC was rapidly growing its women's divisions and featuring females atop fight cards more and more, so they followed suit.

With that said, it's a bit of a shocker the WWE got ahead of the curve by running an all-women PPV before the UFC thought to do one. What we do know is that the UFC tends to mix multiple divisions on its pay-per-view cards. They also try to avoid anything gimmicky. But with pay-per-view sales declining and ratings taking a dip, it's definitely time for the Las Vegas-based promotion to do something drastic. There needs to be a reboot and a major change for a little kick-start. 

Taking a page out of the WWE playbook -- running an all-women pay-per-view -- might be just what the doctor ordered for the UFC. Since Rousey bolted to become a pro wrestler, there's no doubt women's MMA has waned in popularity. Holly Holm didn't become the must-see special attraction the UFC hoped she would become, and Miesha Tate retired. Other fighters that had potential -- Julianna Pena and Paige VanZant -- also didn't quite pan out.

The UFC could at least attempt to right the ship by putting its top current female stars and rising prospects on a major all-women pay-per-view card. How good would it be to see Cris "Cyborg," Amanda Nunes, Rose Namajunas and Joanna Jedrzejczyk all on the same card? How cool would it be to see rising prospects such as Andrea Lee and Rachael Ostovich get their moment to shine? The UFC will likely take a look to see how well the WWE's all-female pay-per-view goes over before running one of their own.