Tinashe performs lit choreography to new single 'Flame'
T.Milly TV / YouTube

R&B singer-songwriter Tinashe dropped by a dance studio to perform special choreography to her single "Flame" in a video uploaded on April 7. The short but sweet session was lit!

"Flame" is one of the singles from Tinashe's upcoming Joyride album. Last year she released the first half of the experience with the album Nightride and lead single "Company." Tinashe aims for a poppier sound on "Flame," which was produced by Sir Nolan (Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas). Fluttering synths, piano and booming beats back her as she goes in for that 'baby come back' moment. "Tell me that you still got the flame for me," Tinashe sings. "Flame" is a sizzling tune that truly illuminates Tinashe's soaring voice.

On the T.Milly TV YouTube channel, a video was uploaded with Tinashe visiting the dance studio. Usually, the T.Milly TV group dances to the top pop hits, but rarely with the singer in attendance. A casual Tinashe pulled off the choreography by JoJo Gomez with the intensity of a live music performance. She appeared to have a lot of fun executing the flirty routine.

"Flame" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. No word yet on when to expect Tinashe's Joyride album.