Tom Sheehan’s 'In Between Days' is a beautiful, visual retrospective of Robert Smith and The Cure
Used with Permission from The Flood Gallery

Tom Sheehan is a well-respected rock photographer. His work has graced the pages of British magazine Melody Maker since the 1980s. He's snapped some of rock's most famous faces, including The Smiths, Paul Weller, Leonard Cohen, and Ozzy Osbourne to name a few. With his second book, In Between Days: The Cure in Photographs 1982 – 2005, Sheehan opens his archives and shares his collection of The Cure photographs. The book even has the blessing of Robert Smith, who wrote the thoughtful forward to the book.

The book shows off Sheehan's talent for capturing the band in different modes. He clearly has an eye for snapping beautiful promo shots of the iconic Smith to candid moments with the band. While readers will recognize some of the pictures, like sessions from Disintegration, there's a lot we haven't seen before, including outtakes and rare live shots. Candid moments fans wouldn't normally see, like The Cure rehearsing their In Orange performance or standing around waiting for the shoot to start, are on display here. There are even shots of Smith's time in both The Glove and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Each section is preceded by an essay by music journalist Simon Goddard describing Sheehan's relationship with the band and a glimpse of what was going on at the time. Other than this, the photos do most of the storytelling. There are no captions or footnotes describing what's going on in the photos. Rather these are gathered for the very last pages of the book. You can absorb all the photographs uninterrupted, spending as much or as little time as you please. Some of the shots are so intricate, you can spend minutes trying to soak up every detail.

Readers can see where the band were in their career along with the evolution of Robert Smith. Sheehan manages to catch different sides to the enigmatic frontman: the mopey rocker, the overjoyed football fan, Smith being coy, and Smith finding time to be silly with his mates. And while he is the focus of most photographs, Cure members, past and present, share the spotlight in this book.

In Between Days: The Cure in Photographs 1982 – 2005, is a gorgeous visual journey of The Cure's career. This collection of photos will have you flipping through them repeatedly looking for details you previously missed. Sheehan's wide range of work varies from nearly perfect stills to blurry, foggy, or grainy live shots, but these imperfections make them just as stunning as the rest of the photos. It's a beautiful, simplistic book – no tricks or text to get in the way of getting lost in these photos. It's a stunning coffee table book Cure fans must have and one that's meant to be on display. This book isn’t meant to live on a dusty bookshelf. Never has someone captured the mystery, awe, and wonder that surrounds The Cure like Sheehan has.

In Between Days: The Cure in Photographs 1982 – 2005 is out now. You can grab a copy here.