Tom Waits collaborator Ralph Carney dies at 61
Netflix / YouTube

Saxophonist and collaborator of Tom Waits, Ralph Carney, died this past week at the age of 61. Pitchfork reported that Patrick Carney of the Black Keys is the person who confirmed the death of his uncle. Carney died surrounded by his family in a Portland hospital and the passing was said to be peaceful. His death was the result of falling down the steps of his home and suffering head injuries.

Over his career, which spanned four decades, Carney collaborated with not only Tom Waits but also with everyone from The Black Keys and St. Vincent to the B-52s, Elvis Costello and more. He has also worked with filmmaker Jim Jarmusch and co-wrote the theme song for "Bojack Horseman" along with Patrick Carney.  In fact, Carney's horn played a strong role in the entire theme of the song.

R. Carney worked with Art Carney on the albums Black RiderBone Machine and Rain Dogs. He also played the horns on the B-52s song Mesopotamia. Carney's brother was a musician as well and he, Jim Carney, plays drums with Chet Atkins.

A  documentary about the late great musician called "This Is! Ralph Carney," is copied from the name of his 2003 album and is in works now. There is no word on when the movie will be released.