Top 10 best Brandy Clark songs
Brandy Clark

Rising country star Brandy Clark tells the stories of people and life in small towns in her two albums, 12 Stories and Big Day in a Small Town. She expresses the emotions and the details experienced by different characters. Clark is nominated for two Grammy Awards for the 59th Grammy Awards, which will be presented on Feb. 12, 2017. The nominations are for Best Country Solo Performance for “Love Can Go to Hell” and Best Country Album for Big Day in a Small Town. Following are some of Brandy Clark’s best songs.

10. ‘Stripes

“Stripes” is a revenge-type song about a gun-toting woman who won’t pull the trigger because Orange is not my color and I don’t like stripes. The song in on the album 12 Stories.

9. “Pray to Jesus

Leading off the album 12 Stories, “Pray to Jesus” is not the religious song one might expect. Instead it lists off the mundane, recurring events in a small town where people do not expect much from life. The refrain whines We pray to Jesus and we play the lotto.

8. “Soap Opera

Clark states that her mother told her that everyone’s a star in their own daytime drama and in everyone else’s are just bit players, in her video “The Story Behind ‘Soap Opera.’” The lesson is that people are just not that interested in what others do so don’t worry about gossip. “Soap Opera” is on the album 12 Stories.

7. “Homecoming Queen

The stories of an aging homecoming queen and football star are portrayed, as they realize that the glory days of age 17 don’t last forever. The song is on the album Big Day in a Small Town.

6. “Since You’ve Gone to Heaven

This song started in a very personal place for Clark, per her video about the song. She wrote the song after her dad died, which was before 9/11.

5. ‘Girl Next Door

From Big Day in a Small Town, “Girl Next Door” is a sassy song that tells the story of a man wanting two very different women. It is a song that both women and men can relate to, per Clark in the video “The Story Behind ‘Girl Next Door.’”

4. “You Can Come Over

This song was written while they were making 12 Stories, but it was held for the next album, per a video by Clark. The story describes the person who might be a weakness or bad habit, the singer has to resist the temptation to let them so, you can come over, but you’ can’t come in.

3. “Three Kids No Husband

“Three Kids No Husband” is on the album Big Day In A Small Town. The song describes the dismal life of a single mother waiting for the late child support, while working and keeping up with the housework. Clark calls it one of her favorites in a video about the song.

2. ‘Big Day in A Small Town

The namesake song of the album describes the small events that make up a day in a small town, “someone shot a deer, someone’s getting married or buried.” Clark states that she came from a small town of 900, 35 miles from the exit, in the video “The Story Behind ‘A Big Day In A Small Town.’”

1. “Love Can Go to Hell

“Love Can Go to Hell,” from Big Day in a Small Town is Grammy nominated for “Best Country Solo Performance.” The song also has the distinction of  being selected as one of 20 Grammy nominated songs to represent the Grammys in the 2017 Grammy Nominees album