Top 10 best Céline Dion songs from a soundtrack

Céline Dion is one of the best-selling artists of all time with one of the most recognizable voices in the world. Her songs have been included in the playlists of our lives and she continues to be a worldwide superstar with a distinct honor of being an artist only needing to be recognized by her first name. Her career has spanned over 35 years since her first album in 1981 in francophone territories. Dion has also made a name for herself being a part of film soundtracks through the decades contributing her powerful pipes to "Beauty and the Beast" which launched her mainstream career to "Titanic" that solidified her as one of the best in the world. On May 3, Dion released a new song, "Ashes," for the soundtrack to "Deadpool 2" and to celebrate, AXS is taking a look at Céline Dion's top 10 best songs from a soundtrack.

10. “Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered”

In 2003, Dion contributed her vocals to the “Mona Lisa Smile” soundtrack recording a cover of this classic song. The original song goes back to 1940 when it appeared in the musical “Pal Joey.” Since its original published date, it has been covered by some of entertainment’s classics such as Frank Sinatra and Doris Day. In 2003, Rod Stewart and Cher also recorded the song.

9. “When I Fall in Love”

Another cover, Dion paired up with Clive Griffin to record an updated version for the 1993 film “Sleepless in Seattle.” It was originally slated to be a duet between Dion and Stevie Wonder though Dion wanted to duet with Warren Wiebe who demoed the song. “When I Fall in Love” was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal and was included on Dion’s 1993 album The Colour of My Love.

8. “The Prayer” (solo version)

For her holiday album These Are Special Times, Céline Dion recorded “The Prayer” with Andrea Bocelli but it was rarely known that Dion recorded a solo version without the Italian verses for the Disney movie “Quest for Camelot.” The solo version is recorded as a mother’s prayer to watch over her daughter.

7. “How Does a Moment Last Forever”

26 years after contributing to Disney’s 1991 animated film “Beauty and the Beast” and having a hit out of the theme song, Dion returned to the soundtrack on the 2017 remake starring Emma Watson. Dion recorded “How Does a Moment Last Forever” used in the ending credits for the film.

6. “Then You Look at Me”

In 1999, Céline Dion recorded the song “Then You Look at Me” which was used in the Robin Williams sci-fi comedy “Bicentennial Man.” The track was intended to be used as a single but the movie fell short of expectations. It was also included on Dion’s 1999 album All the Way… A Decade of Song in a higher key, a collection of greatest hits and new songs before she took a break from her career.

5. “I’m Alive”

In 2002, Céline Dion returned to the music world with her album A New Day Has Come. From that set, opening track “I’m Alive” was used as the theme song for 2002’s “Stuart Little 2.” This version, also used in the video featured, is different from the album version which is more subtle with rhythm. The song was an AC hit in the United States reaching No. 6 on the airplay chart and still is a staple to Dion’s live shows.

4. “Beauty and the Beast”

In 1991, Dion had just broken into the English-speaking market a year prior and was not yet the phenomenon she is today. It was the recording of “Beauty and the Beast” with Peabo Bryson for Disney’s film that made her a name to continue to watch. It was the first time that a Disney song had a contemporary spin to it and became a commercial success earning Grammy nominations for Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

3. “Ashes”

“Ashes” is the newest soundtrack song by Dion featured on the “Deadpool 2” soundtrack. It was released on May 3 ahead of the film’s May 18 release. Fellow Canadian and “Deadpool” actor Ryan Reynolds stars in the video as Dion softly sings on an empty stage before he joins her in high heels for an interpretive dance.

2. “Because You Loved Me”

Céline Dion earned her second No. 1 on the Hot 100 with “Because You Loved Me,” the lead single in North America from her 1996 album Falling Into You. It spent six weeks at No. 1 thanks to it being used as the theme song to “Up Close and Personal.” To date it has sold 2 million copies in the U.S. both physical and digital.

1. “My Heart Will Go On”

In 1997, Dion didn’t want to record the song but thankfully she did. “My Heart Will Go On” was the love theme to the blockbuster film “Titanic” and became her signature song that will be with her forever. The No. 1 hit is the second best-selling single by a female artist moving over 18 million copies worldwide. A different mix of the song was included on her album Let’s Talk About Love.

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