Top 10 best EDEN songs
MrSuicideSheep / YouTube

Emerging artist EDEN has quickly taken the indie pop world by storm since coming on in 2015. At just 21 years old, the Dublin native has received millions of streams on platforms like Spotify and YouTube, catapulting him to the forefront of the underground dream pop circuit. With his debut album Vertigo set to arrive on Jan. 19, 2018, familiarize yourself with some of his greatest tracks to date below (and snag tickets to an upcoming show on his Vertigo World Tour on while you're at it). 

10. gold

What better way to kick off a Top 10 list than with a song fresh off the press? EDEN took to social media on Nov. 10 to premiere "gold," the first single off of the forthcoming Vertigo. Using his patented crooning in front of an acoustic guitar, the laid-back tune has EDEN shedding his past and hoping for a better tomorrow as he sings, "Make peace with your mistakes and they'll turn to gold."

9. Wake Up

Enlisting the use of a piano this time around, EDEN again lends his low vocals to the emotional "Wake Up" off his 2015 EP End Credits. With a lover at home, EDEN finds conflict in pursuing his dream of being a successful musician in America but promises her he'll "make up everything and more when I get back someday." One of EDEN's biggest songs, the track has over 30 million views on YouTube alone.

8. sex

On the surface, EDEN's use of the "sex, drugs and rock and roll" theme on his 2016 EP i think you think too much of me looks cliché, but don't get it twisted – there's much more behind the madness of his four-song epic. On "sex," the singer uses an upbeat structure to describe a relationship that began as casual and quickly turned into something more. 

7. drugs

EDEN continues his story on "drugs," telling of the downward spiral he finds himself in. "You say, 'you aint you when you're like this / This ain't you and you know it' / But ain't that just the point?" He relies on the use of narcotics to escape the pains of reality, though his actions threaten to remove the support system he relies so heavily on in his lover.

6. and

In the follow-up to "drugs," EDEN is blunt at the beginning of "and." He sings, "and this is just another sad song / I can't deny that I've been needing one." Though him and his lover believe external factors will affect their relationship, their pact to do nothing simply makes time decipher what will become of them. He tries hard to try so hard, but that is the very reason why they are at a crossroads. 

5. rock + roll

In the final part of EDEN's four-song story, "rock + roll" has the singer thinking about how he'll be remembered when he's gone. He wants to "swing like Sinatra" and "play guitar like (Jimi) Hendrix" and struggles over what his legacy will be. Despite critics and people failing to connect with his music, his happiness and comfort is ultimately decided by him as tries to "be (his) own type of rock and roll." 

4. End Credits (feat. Leah Kelly)

The title track to EDEN's debut EP, "End Credits" features guest vocals from the talented Leah Kelly. The two discuss the bland life they currently live and long for something more. In a dark town where "open scars cut like barbed wire," they hope to "get away from here and live like the movies do." Check out the official music video for the song above.

3. Gravity

Falling in love can be effortless to many people if they truly feel it, but getting up out of love can be one of the most difficult processes we face. In "Gravity," EDEN explains that him and his partner agreed to a committed relationship, though he was the only one to jump in while his partner experienced cold feet. Before her, he used to "defy gravity" and have no issues ending flings, but his decision to love someone who doesn't feel as strongly about him has been his downfall.

2. circles

At just 21, it certainly seems like EDEN has an old soul. His introspective lyrics and deep feelings over lost love, demons and vices are what set him apart from many of his peers, and that is reflected in "circles," the final track from i think you think too much of me. Reflecting on the impending fate of dying, he sings, "That all we are is a light into the darkness / And all we are is time that's counting down / And all we are / Is falling through the spaces in between." 

1. start//end

Released back in September and slated to appear on Vertigo, "start//end" is EDEN's strongest lyrical effort yet. In a reflective six-minute track, the young singer talks about how he can't change his past but can learn from it to make better decisions moving forward. His play on words in the pre-chorus speaks on that topic as he sings, "Is this burning right? / Am I living bridges? / Can we build our past right? / Learning through future solecism."