Top 10 best Empire Of The Sun songs

Australian synth-pop duo, Empire of the Sun first formed in 2007 as a collaboration between Luke Steele from The Sleepy Jackson and Nick Littermore from the electronic-dance group Pnau. Known for their elaborate and flamboyant stage design and wardrobe, Empire of the Sun's live performances are impressive, captivating and definitely memorable. Seven years and three albums later, Empire of the Sun have firmly planted their feet in to the hearts, minds and ears of music lovers worldwide. 

10. "Way To Go"

This slightly undiscovered gem off the 2016 album, Two Vines, encompasses the beauty of the album's concept of an urban city taken over by mother nature   and the earthly wisdom it would provide. In an interview with Pitchfork, Nick LIttermore described the concept as "a modern city overtaken by jungle, almost like mother nature taking back the planet. All the buildings will turn back to sand. All it will be is nature again. We wanted to make something that reflected the beauty of that, and the wisdom that plants can give us about living harmoniously on this beautiful planet.". 

9. "Standing on the Shore"

One could see how the music video for "Standing on the Shore" could have influenced Katy Perry's infamous back-up dancing sharks from the Super Bowl. Appearing as a sci-fi type dream sequence, this video shows Luke wandering the beach, stalked by some half-human half-swordfish creatures before obliterating them with a laser beam. This dance-ballad was the opening track off of EOTS's 2008 album, Walking on a Dream and released as the album's third single. 

8. "I'll Be Around"

"I made up my mind, I'll be around for a while, you can bet on your life, I'll be around for a while" recites the poetically romantic "I'll Be Around" off the 2013 album Ice on the Dune. Although this song strays away from their typical progressive-dance sound, it showcases the strength of their song writing abilities. This dance-ballad warms the soul with soothing, meaningful lyrics and an 80's-esque rhythm. 

7. "DNA"

Off of 2013's Ice on the Dune, "DNA" offers us the same EDM driven tempo with a unique video to match. It's difficult at times to interpret the theme of this music video, but basically Luke and Nick wander around suburban streets dressed as an emperor from the year 2209, partying in random spots like liquor stores and check cashing places until the sun comes up. Maybe partying is in their DNA? 

6. "Two Vines"

This passionate anthem is the title track off of EOTS's highly anticipated 2016 album. A continuous deep bass heartbeat perfectly frames this song that speaks of metaphorically trusting the two vines suspending your love above the dangerous jungle floor of life. Hold your love close and dance along to this beauty of a melody. 

5. "Half Mast"

80's synth-pop is the obvious influence for this shimmy-inducing song off the band's 2008 debut album, Walking on a Dream. Following EOTS's trend of producing meaningful lyrics, "Half Mast" doesn't disappoint in that department. It comes off as more of an upbeat version of a breakup song with lyrics that beg his lover to return to his dreams of a "hotel in the hills with a carousel" and a "farmhouse in the front, a tractor in the lounge". 

4. "High and Low"

This track greets you with mesmerizing chats and graceful acoustic guitars before diving in to a strong bass driven beat for the chorus. Off of 2016'sTwo Vines, "High and Low" represented the album's first single which was released two months prior to the actual album release. The song has been featured in the EA sports video game, FIFA 17. 

3. "We Are The People"

Their debut album, Walking on a Dream was critically-acclaimed and included some of the group's most well-known hits such as "We are the People" and the title track "Walking on a Dream". Many of the album's hits follow the same uber-successful formula of a constant dance pulse mixed with catchy chorus chants and great vocal range. 

2. "Alive"

"Alive", off of 2013's Ice on the Dune, is undeniably the perfect song to encourage someone to seize the day or dance the night away. With very catchy lyrics like "loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive", it's hard not to imagine this song as the soundtrack for many memorable moments in one's life. Get used to this tune because it has the makings of a jam that could transcend time and fill the ears of generations to come.

1. "Walking on a Dream"

With addicting lyrics and a perpetually mesmerizing rhythm, Walking on a Dream's title track has been stuck in our head since its 2008 release. It's been hailed as unequivocally EOTS's most well-known hit and the song that put these Australian dance-rockers on the map. Don't be surprised if it makes you stop what your doing and start dancing away in to a day dream.