Top 10 best Hollywood Undead songs
YouTube / TheExtremeUndead

Metal rap band Hollywood Undead have released four studio albums since they started playing together over a decade ago. The band has developed their own large group of fans who love their songs and style, which includes unique masks for each member of the band. Their fan-base appreciates great songs as well as enthusiastic live shows, and Hollywood Undead does not disappoint.

With songs on four albums to choose from, here is a look at the top 10 best Hollywood Undead songs.

10. “Bullet”                    

The last single from the second Hollywood Undead album American Tragedy was “Bullet.” This song is one of many that proves that Hollywood Undead are more than just a party band. The song is about depression, hopelessness, and suicide.

9. “We Are

The lead-off single from the third Hollywood Undead album Notes from the Underground was “We Are.” The song hit 24th on the U.S. Mainstream rock charts and 33rd on the U.S. Rock charts. The song is about resistance and being a part of the silent majority. There was also a music video for the song directed by Slipknot drummer Clown Crahan.

8. “Young

“Young” was the fourth single from the Hollywood Undead debut album Swan Songs. This was released one month before the album had its worldwide debut, although that was six months after it went on sale in the United States. It helped Swan Songs reach a gold certification. “Young” was also one of the free downloadable songs for the video game “Rock Band 2.”

7. “Circles

An old Hollywood Undead song, “Circles” was on the band’s 7 Song Sampler in 2005. This was a very early track that the fan’s longtime fans know but many people who discovered the band on the radio might be unfamiliar with. It ended up released for newer fans on the Swan Songs Rarities EP in 2010 and the collector’s edition of Swan Songs. The song is about Deuce’s girlfriend who had died in a car accident.

6. “A Knife Called Lust

A Hollywood Undead deep track. “A Knife Called Lust” was supposed to be on their debut album Swan Songs but missed the cut. The good news for fans is that this great song made it onto their EP, Swan Songs B-Sides EP. It is also on the re-released collector’s version of the debut album. The song is an old one, recorded three years before they released their debut album, making it one of the band’s oldest tracks.

5. “Paradise Lost

“Paradise Lost” is a song from the Hollywood Undead debut album Swan Songs but was not one of the featured singles. The song is a deeper track than their more popular party songs as it deals with Christianity and living in the Western World. While it isn’t a party song, it proves that Hollywood Undead were capable of writing songs with meaning and not just to bang your head to.

4. “No. 5

The very first song that introduced fans to Hollywood Undead was “No. 5,” the debut single from their debut album Swan Songs. The song was actually supposed to be a single on their previous debut album but was saved for this official debut for the band. The song is just an anthem with the band introducing themselves and telling people what they are all about. The song is also the final track on their live album Desperate Measures.

3. “Everywhere I Go

Another release from the Hollywood Undead debut album Swan Songs was “Everywhere I Go,” which hit 39th on the U.S. Alternative Songs charts. This ended up as one of the more party favorite songs from that debut album. There was also a music video released for the song in 2010, which was directed by guitarist Charlie Scene.

2. “Undead

“Undead” was the second single and the lead-off track from the Hollywood Undead debut album Swan Songs. The song peaked at 10th on the Mainstream Rock charts and was helped by its inclusion in the trailer for the Hollywood movie “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.” It also appeared in two videogames with “UFC 2009” and “Madden NFL 09” and was used by the WWE when promoting “WrestleMania XXV.”

1. “Black Dahlia

The final single from the Hollywood Undead debut album Swan Songs was also the best of the band’s career. “Black Dahlia” never charted but remains a fan favorite for the band. It was released as a single in Sept. 2010 and had three remixes of the song that was included on the single release. The song is based on a classic Hollywood story of the Black Dahlia murder and the band tied it into how relationships can make people think dangerous things.