Top 10 best In This Moment songs
Patricia Jones

Los Angeles, California metal band In This Moment have a history of reinventing themselves. With the beautiful and brutal dichotomy of frontwoman Maria Brink’s vocals leading the charge, ITM has weaved an intricate sonic web that has enticed audiences around the globe. Brink teamed up with guitarist Chris Howorth in 2005 after finding common ground in their love of music. The pair began writing songs together, and in 2007 after getting together with Jesse Landry, Blake Bunzel, and Jeff Fabb, In This Moment released their debut album, Beautiful Tragedy.  In her lyricism and performances, Brink seems to derive special pleasure from turning the misogyny of the metal world patriarchy on its head and giving it the finger. She is unyielding, unapologetic, and unstoppable. The dynamic duo of Brink and Howorth have since invited new musicians into the fold and the band has worked to progress the ever-evolving concepts that encompass the soul of In This Moment. Now, we’re bringing you our picks for the top 10 best In This Moment songs.

10. "The Promise

Otherwise frontman Adrian Patrick appears on this duet with Brink. The song is about being in a passionate yet toxic relationship and having to face the reality of moving on from that situation. It was released as the second single off In This Moment’s third studio album, A Star -Crossed Wasteland in 2010. Brink describes the song as “melodic, dark, and vibey.”

9. "Mechanical Love "

A little recognized track off of 2008’s The Dream, the band’s sophomore album, “Mechanical Love” is not a song you’ll find on In This Moment’s regular performance rotation. The song was bypassed as an option for the second single released from The Dream in favor of a cover of Blondie’s “Call Me.” There is something catching and up sweeping in the rhythm of this track and Brink’s silky clean vocals and the layered vocal effect in the chorus give it an entrancing effect.

8. "The Gun Show

Released as the first single from A Star-Crossed Wasteland, “The Gun Show” is an intense and riff driven powerhouse track. It was one of the first songs by the band to feature none of Brinks signature cleans and barrels right at you from start to finish. The song was used as the theme song for TNA wrestling’s “Against All Odds” in 2011. In an interview with Alternative Press, Brink said, “The Gun Show” is about self-respect. It has a theme of a showdown about to get serious.”

7. "Sick Like Me

This crunchy guitar-laden single was chosen as the first release from 2014’s Black Widow. It describes a relation in which two people are loved for even their darkest character flaws. Of the song, Brink said, “It’s about when somebody loves you for everything you are,” she states. “They love you even for what you consider flaws. It’s that vision of people who are super eccentric and twisted, but they’re perfect like that because that’s who they are. They’re meant to be.”

6. "Whore

The video for “Whore” features a cameo from Motionless In White’s frontman Chris Motionless as a guest at what appears to be a peep show starring Maria Brink. For the lyrics of the song, Brink chose to take back the meaning of the historically derogatory word. In the campaign art for the song, she posed for artistic nudes of her backside with the word “whore” written length-wise down her back while wearing a dunce cap. Of the song and art campaign, Brink said, ”I can only hope to encourage at least one person to find the self-worth and love they deserve to transcend out of a painful situation into a beautiful one. It is about finding our power and taking a stand.”

5. "Sex Metal Barbie"

 Maria Brink directed the video for “Sex Metal Barbie” and took the opportunity to subject herself and the band to the same “funhouse mirror” the world has viewed them through. Even some existing In This Moment fans seemed to take issue with the direction of the band’s 2014 album, Black Widow. Brink has been called several names, not the least of which is “the Lady Gaga of metal.” With this song and the corresponding video, Brink embraces this controversy, takes ownership of these allegations, and then challenges the haters and naysayers to justify their judgments.

4. "Adrenalize"

Released as the second single off their fourth studio album Blood, “Adrenalize” features the heavy guitars and electronica elements In This Moment began exploring more on this album. The music video was filmed in Los Angeles, California at Linda Vista Community Hospital which became popular shooting location after its closure in 1991. The video shows many facets of Brink from authoritarian to captive and features an overt sexuality and dominance.

3. "Into The Light"

A set apart from the usual ITM fare, this song from 2008’s The Dream,  is one of the band’s softer offerings. The gentle piano plays beautifully against the vulnerability in Brink’s vocals. Written in response to several deaths of people close to the band, the piano ballad carries an emotional weight that is undeniable and captivating.

2. "Daddy’s Falling Angel"

As a survivor of child abuse and sexual trauma, Brink has spoken out about her complicated childhood and relationship with her father. In This Moment fans know this song as one of the most intense and emotionally impactful songs from Beautiful Tragedy. The heavy riffs and rolling drums create a fast paced headbanger with an impressive guitar solo that belies the heft of the song’s message.

1. "Prayers"

Released as the lead single from the debut album Beautiful Tragedy, “Prayers” gave the world its first ear-full of the power of Brink’s vocal range. With intense screams that pierce the air and smooth clean vocals in the chorus, Brink delivers a little bit of everything in this song. During the music video shoot, Brink’s nose was split during a camera close up. Instead of halting production, she glued the wound shut and put some make-up over, choosing to keep her hair in her face to distract from her nose and finish the shoot. Now that is metal.