Top 10 best Kelsea Ballerini songs

Rising Country Music star Kelsea Ballerini has racked up several accolades in in her relatively brief career, including the ACM Award for Best New Artist and 2016 Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. Ballerini has had a part in writing every song on her debut album, The First Time.  The album's four singles, include "Love Me Like You Mean It," "Yeah Boy," "Dibs," and "Peter Pan."  The songs on this list all come from the album First Time

10. "Looking at Stars"

This love song describes the desire to just be alone with her lover, :"Looking at Stars."

9. "Stilettos"

Ballerini compares the pain of knowing her boyfriend on her is cheating with another woman to the pain of wearing stiletto heels. The chorus opens,  I wear my pain like stilettos
As bad as it may hurt, no, you'll never know

8. Sirens"

In Greek mythology, sirens were beautiful creatures who lured sailors to their deaths by drawing them into dangerous waters. The chorus ends, The warning lights were flashing like lightning
I should've listened to the, I should've listened to the sirens

7. “XO

The pain of being in love with a man who cannot let go of his ex is described in the lyrics of "XO.' You're still in love with your ex, oh / And I ain't one to be nobody's second best, no / Stop holding onto me when the truth is you can't let go / I think we both know…

6. “Square Pegs 

Ballerini wrote this celebrating all that’s awesome about being different. A square peg is someone who doesn't fir the the mold of what people consider normal.  Ballerini said,  “When I wrote ‘Square Pegs,’ I really wanted a song that kind of captured an insecurity that I’ve had and that I think a lot of people have … it’s feeling like you don’t necessarily fit,” per Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing.

5. "First Time""

This song "FIrst Time" is listed as No. 5 on the list of popular songs on the album by Google Plays. "First Time" describes the pain of rejection, as a woman eagerly awaits a visit from a past love, who lets her down once again by standing her up. 

4. “Yeah Boy 

"Yeah Boy" is Ballerini's fourth and final single from the album The First Time. She described the song as "fun and flirty,: per The Boot. 

3. Dibs” 

The second single from The First Time, "Dibs" was a hit that made Billboard's Top 100. The is a lighthearted song about staking a claim upon a romantic interest.

2 “Peter Pan” 

"Peter Pan" is the third single from the album, The First Time, which earned a spot on Billboard's Top 100. The video, featuring Kelsea in the Las Vegas Desert, wearing a long flowing gown watching her daredevil boyfriend in horror as he tests fate in an antique airplane, motorcycle, and car. She shows impatience with his immature stunts as she realizes, that like Peter Pan, he will never grow up to be the man she needs. 

1. Love Me Like You Mean It

The first  single from The First Time, "Love Me Like You Mean It" was a No. 1 hit and which placed on Billboard's Top 100. Kelsea, the reigning ACM New Artist of the Year, explained the reason behind the song backstage at the ACM Awards, according to Nashville Country Daily. Ballerini said," think more so than it being about a guy who, like, just can’t grow up, it’s just like when you can’t emotionally get on the same level as someone in a relationship. So when one person is just, like, more invested than the other person, it’s a sad kind of heartbreak, and it’s not like this big cheating thing or one big moment that breaks it. It’s just this emotional unevenness, and that’s what the song is about