Top 10 best Little Dragon songs

The name Little Dragon first came about as a nickname for the tantrum throwing lead singer, Yukimi Nagano, who would sometimes throw fits while recording. Her perfectionist attitude has sure paid off though as the band evolved from a small time group in Gothenburg to internationally respected dance-soul icons in the span of a decade. They blend many different genres including hip-hop, soul and R&B with electronic dance music to make some truly magical melodies that are worth a listen. Enjoy Little Dragon's top 10 songs. 

10. "Paris"

Wouldn't it feel nice to drop everything and take the next flight to Paris? Well those seem like the plans for Yukimi in this deep bass-driven dance ballad that speaks of a change for the better and self-actualization. We'll dance the night away to this song in Paris or anywhere for that matter because this one's addicting. 

9. "Nightlight"

"Nightlight", off of the 2011 album Ritual Union is one of those songs that you subconsciously find yourself dancing to. With lyrics like "Moving in a twisted blue form of life, moving your shoulders, 1, 2, you move, your feet, your shoes, flying like an arrow in the room", it's tough to not tap your feet or shake your body to the beat. Don't worry, we won't judge your dancing skills.

8. "Sunshine"

"Sunshine" was a non-album single in 2012 and received praise upon its release. This song was mainly produced for the promotion of Absolut Vodka and Absolut Remix. The music video even has images of some guy ladling some vodka punch out of a bowl in the middle of nowhere, which is random and hilariously entertaining. Despite being a promotional song, this finely produced jam was still legitimate enough to make our list. 

7. "Blinking Pigs"

This melody has a subtly haunting beginning before breaking into an alternative jazz inspired dance beat that drives the song. "Blinking Pigs" offers some beautiful lyrics that include "Was a distant moan, and a smell of home, haunting me, from the clouds above, oh, the memory of you". This song was released in 2009 as part of the Machine Dreams album, eventually becoming one of the most popular songs from that release. 

6. "Feather"

When listening to "Feather", off of the 2009 album Machine Dreams, we hear a lot of 80's dance inspiration that captive our ears and draw us in. One interesting tidbit is that apparently this song was inspired by an evolutionary psychology book. In an interview, Yukimi explained "I had just read this book on evolutionary psychology and I felt slightly irritated from that book because it was sort of very—I mean I think it’s very interesting I was inspired by it, but at the same time, a little annoyed that it was really just putting men and women in very stereotypical boxes and giving it scientific and biological proof to evolutionary stories about how and why men are more adventurous (than women)." 

5. "Twice"

These beautifully organic lyrics match the perfectly simple music video that accompanies it. "Twice" was Little Dragon's first released song ever in 2006 and made it on to their debut self-titled album as their opening track. This melancholy melody speaks to your heart and soul and still stands as one of the band's best songs. 

4. "Klapp Klapp"

One of the most popular songs off of Little Dragon's critically acclaimed album Nabuma Rubberband is a definite mainstay on this list because of it's pure danceability and enchanting vocals. This song grew more in popularity along with the band themselves after it was featured on a Samsung Milk Music advertising campaign. 

3. "Pretty Girls"

"Pretty Girls" offers some very clever lyrics that teach a lesson for pretty girls to not rely primarily on their looks and the materialistic ideology that sometimes comes with the territory. Creatively, the underlying messages in this song are brilliant and give evidence of Little Dragon's true lyrical talents. This spirited jam is one of Little Dragon's best live songs, a definite crowd-pleaser. 

2. "High" 

"High" gives us a soulful dance rhythm and a smooth, seductive chorus that draw us in and never let us go. Off of 2017's album, Season High, this song has the potential to be one of the band's most iconic. It's easy to find yourself daydreaming to this sensual slow-jam that magnifies Yukimi Nagano's exquisite vocals and keeps you wanting more. 

1. "Ritual Union"

Soulful, echoing vocals seem to be a trend here that remains consistent with Little Dragon's best song, "Ritual Union", which is the title track for their 2011 release. This dance-inducing melody has a chorus that promises to invade your mind for weeks on end as you'll most likely be humming it everywhere you go. The song speaks of the realistic side of relationships and marriage and how they aren't always tied to a fairy-tale ending. Enter a ritual union with Little Dragon by enjoying their music, sharing it with your friends and seeing them live when they tour to a city near you,