Top 10 best Lloyd Price songs

Lioyd Price is a legendary singer, songwriter and musician who was a pioneer in the early emergence of the New Orleans brand of rhythm and blues as well as rock and roll in the 1950s. His earliest recordings featured the iconic Fats Domino on the piano as part of the backing band. During his lengthy career, he has scored numerous hits on both the pop and R&B charts. Now in his 80s Price continues to perform. Here are ten of the best known and best-loved songs by Lloyd Price.

10. "Ain't it a Shame"

This is an early R&B infused rocker. Price sings of a life in need of some uplifting changes. The barrelhouse piano and saxophone instrumental backing are pure New Orleans. It reached number 4 on the US R&B charts in 1953. 

9. "Oooh - Oooh - Oooh"

A full-on boogie-woogie track, this was Price's second single release in 1952. With lots of soulful moaning, it also reached number 4 on the R&B charts.

8. "Just Because"

From 1957, this tune is an impassioned setting the record straight to a former lover that features Price's unique vocal texture and delivery. Again driven by keyboard and sax, the track cracked the top 30 on the pop charts and reached number 3 on the R&B charts.

7. "Misty"

This is a live version of the classic tune written by Errol Garner and Johnny Burke. Here Price and his orchestra give it a full-bodied performance with the singer holding nothing back vocally. It was his last top 40 hit in 1963.

6. "Question"

From 1960, this track reached number 19 on the pop charts and was a top ten R&B chart hit, peaking at number 5. With a female backing chorus and something of a gospel feel, the tune asks some tough questions about life and love.

5. "Lady Luck"

Also from 1960, Price gets into a groove vocally that somewhat recalls his smash hit "Personality." The song features horn riffs and backing vocals. It was a number 14 pop chart hit and went to number 3 on the r& b chart. 

4. "I'm Gonna Get Married"

This was co-written by Price and Harold Logan. The tune was a number 3 hit on the pop charts and went straight to number one on the R&B charts. The backing track is very slick and a major contrast to his earlier New Orleans flavored minimal piano and sax arrangements. Also features lots of call and response vocals with the female background singers.

3. "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" 

This tune is a classic that has been covered countless times by a wide range of artists over the years. Written by Price and featuring Fats Domino on piano, the track showcases Price's unique and expressive soulful vocals  It set the stage for the early New Orleans rock and roll sound to come. It topped the R&B charts in 1952.

2. "Stagger Lee"

A traditional American folk song about a murder was adapted by Price and Logan into a number one pop hit in 1958. The tale of Stagger Lee and Billy and that fateful night in the barroom is based on historical fact from the 19th Century. This track is infectious and energetic as Price and the background vocalists spin the tale. An absolute classic.

1. "Personality"

Price's best-known hit and his signature song, this was a number 2 pop hit and an R&B chart number one in 1959. It features an outstanding melody and concept as well as a great recorded performance. Also, it is loaded with 'personality,' so indeed, what more could he do? Also written by Price and Logan.