Top 10 best Maren Morris songs

Maren Morris is a breakout country music star who was nominated for four Grammys for the 59th Grammy Awards held on Feb. 12,  2017. Morris was nominated for album of the Year for Hero, Best Country Album for Hero, Best New Artist of the Year, and Best Country Solo Performance for “My Church.” The songs on this this list of 10 best songs are on the album Hero.

10. “Sugar”

In the opening song on the album, Morris asks a crush to be hers, singing, “Baby would you be my sugar? Sugar you make my heart race. You’re what I crave, babe what can I say?”

9. “Just Another Thing”

"Just Another Thing," a very nice medium tempo bit of R&B-pop with an excellent country music chorus phrase – “you're just another thing I shouldn't be doing,” per NPR.

8.  “I Could Use a Love Song”

The song is about the way a love song can take the singer back to a more innocent time.  I could use a love song/ That takes me back, just like that / When it comes on / To a time when I wouldn’t roll my eyes.”

7. “I’ll Be The Moon”

Dierks Bentley and Morris sing this duet, which is included in the album Hero. Bentley told Rolling Stone Country “We first recorded it just me, but the song looks at a relationship from a different angle, where the girl is instigating the deceit. So, I felt like it needed a female voice, and I started to hear it more as a duet. I love the perspective Maren adds; there’s weight to her voice.”

6. “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry”

This song is on her 2015 self-titled EP, Maren Morris and is included in her debut album, Hero. In this song, she is confronting a friend who keeps giving a loser boyfriend another chance.

5.  “Second Wind”

“Second Wind” was written by Morris and was originally recorded by Kelly Clarkson on her 2015 album, Piece by Piece.  

4.  “I Wish I Was”

Morris called “I Wish I Was” the most autobiographical song on Hero, per the Maren Morris website. The album Hero was named after a lyric in in “I Wish I Was,” per Taste of Country. The chorus of the bluesy song is, "I'm not the hero in the story/I'm not the girl that gets the glory/'Cause you're looking for true love, and I'm not the one/But I wish, but I wish I was.”

3. “Rich”

Morris sings a story familiar to many of the broken-hearted in this song about falling for the kind for guy she falls for time and again. She concludes that if she could count her heartbreak in dollars, she would be rich.

2. “80s Mercedes”

Morris sang “80s Mercedes” in her Dec., 2016 performance at “Saturday Night Live.” The song, which is one of her most well-known songs, was released as a single in June, 2016.  “80s Mercedes” was listed as No. 38 on Rolling Stone’s list of “50 Best Songs of 2016.” Rolling Stone commented ““The Nashville breakout star is writing cooler car songs than anyone else these days – she's a "Nineties baby in an Eighties Mercedes," blasting Hank Williams and Johnny Cash on her radio.

1. “My Church”

“My Church” has been nominated for a Grammy Award for “Best Song.” Morris pays tribute to the music that moves her, including the country classics of iconic artists Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, in her gutsy song “My Church.” Maren performed a revamped version of the song at the 2016 CMA Award,” before receiving an award for Best New Artist. “My Church” is heavily inspired by gospel music.