Top 10 best ODESZA songs

Electronic music producers ODESZA have been bringing their own unique style of EDM to the masses for five years and counting. The duo, comprised of Harrison Mills (aka Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (aka BeachesBeaches), will be hitting the road this summer and fall to support their upcoming album, A Moment Apart, with shows at venues all over the world. Before fans grab tickets to anyone of their upcoming shows, check out the top 10 ODESZA songs that will get anyone in the mood for what is sure to be an epic tour. 

Bonus track: “Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren)

Showcasing their lighter, more fun side is nothing new for ODESZA. Whether it’s bringing out the USC marching band to rock out at Coachella or creating songs such as “Memories,” this duo can take you on an emotional journey one minute or have you jumping up and down with a smile on your face the next.

10. “I Want You

When “I Want You” comes on, you know you are listening to ODESZA. Their signature sounds are all over this track from their debut album, Summer’s Gone. Whether it is the pulsating, distorted bass line, heavy use of echoes or high-pitched vocals that grab the listeners’ attention, one thing is for certain, these staples continue to be heard time and time again on ODESZA tracks.

9. “Meridian

The first entry on this list from ODESZA’s upcoming album, A Moment Apart, “Meridian’s” genius lies in its haunting, chanting vocals. Reminiscent of a tribal ceremony on steroids, “Meridian” has an emotional layer to it highlighted in the interlude, something the “Tron: Legacy” version of Daft Punk would be proud of.

8. “How Did I Get Here

Think the popular TV show “Lost” or maybe epic bachelor party flick “The Hangover.” It’s that moment when one wakes from unconsciousness and is unaware of where they are or what the hell just happened. Now remove all the chaos of that situation and replace it with a calm sense of acceptance and you have “How Did I Get Here.”

7. “It’s Only (feat. Zyra)

“It’s Only” is a true electronic music ballad if there ever was such a thing. This song features Zyra, a woman who can be credited for bringing a voice to the ODESZA sound and playing an integral part in their mainstream success. The second of two tracks featuring the singer on their breakthrough album In Return reminds listeners of the diversity ODESZA are capable of.

6. “Bloom

ODESZA tracks without a vocal contributor are many, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a vocal presence carrying the song. “Bloom’s” vocal sampling is what you would expect: high-pitched, heavy on the echoes and haunting. The beauty of this track is that the flowing vocals lead the way with an equally mesmerizing beat not far behind.

5. “Late Night

Charting new territory is the song “Late Night.” Released only recently in April of 2017, this was one of two tracks to be debuted first from ODESZA’s upcoming album, A Moment Apart, and displays a more fast paced style that fans may not be used to hearing. Regardless, this track has ODESZA’s digital fingerprints all over it and will likely be a favorite of many, for years to come.    

4. “Line Of Sight (feat. WYNNE & Mansionair)

Fans likely are having a hard time waiting for the release of A Moment Apart after hearing the four amazing tracks already released. Leading the way is “Line of Sight,” a song with beautiful vocals and a mainstream big beat that will likely open the band up to a whole new group of fans. The greatness is in the ending where an enchanting call of “I could learn from you” is repeated before the song fades away.

3. “All We Need (feat. Shy Girls)

A true R&B tune, “All We Need” is the type of track where everything is dropped and the dancing begins. Fluttering synthesizers bring listeners to a dreamlike, euphoric state almost immediately as that iconic high-pitched vocal sound leads straight into Shy Girls sexy vocal flow.

2. “Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)

Another track that truly exemplifies ODESZA’s sound in a nutshell, “Sun Models” has all the makings of a classic ODESZA hit. High pitched vocals, check! Calming, yet emotionally charged beats, check! Catchy synth and drum beats to groove to, check! Put it all together and that is a recipe to put a smile on anyone’s face.

1. “Say My Name (feat. Zyra)

For many, “Say My Name” may be the song that fans recognize as the first time they heard ODESZA. Clearly their most popular track to date, “Name” holds that distinction for good reason. Zyra holds her own and then some against the duos layered beats and captivating synthesizers. The balance struck between singer and producer on this hit is why fans love ODESZA.