Top 10 best Rae Sremmurd songs

Mississippi has long known that hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd had the talent to make it big. Now the rest of the hip-hop world knows.

The duo made up of brothers Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee had their breakout moment two years earlier when SremmLife was certified Platinum and launched the duo from an underground up-and-comer to mainstream success. The future is bright for this group, and with the Billboard Music Awards coming up, here are the Top ten best songs from a group that is finally getting the recognition that it’s due.

1. “Throw Sum Mo”

You know you’ve hit the big time when you get Nicki Minaj and Young Thug to join you on your hot track. The entire purpose to “Throw Sum Mo” is just that, to blow as much money as you can. It may not be sound financial advice, but it does make for a pretty catchy track.

2.  “Up Like Trump”

You can view this as a tribute to President Donald Trump or a parody of him, but, either way, “Up Like Trump” is a single that has a throbbing beat that will leave you up just like Donald Trump.

3. “Came a Long Way”

This duo really did come a “long way” to get to the point where they are now. There is a lot of talent in the Magnolia State, but Rae Sremmurd swam to the top of the hip-hop game, which makes “Came a Long Way” required listening for fans of this duo.

4. “This Could Be Us”

Rae Sremmurd is a duo that is known for getting hype, but this duo can surprise the average listener and turn their constant crunk machine into a sentimental ballad, with “This Could Be Us” as example A.

5. “Look Alive”

It’s hard to pretend like you’re dead when you’re listening to Rae Sremmurd. If you’re able to accomplish the impossible, then put on “Look Alive” and put your earphones, you won’t be pretending like you’re dead for too long afterward.

6. “Swang”

One of Rae Sremmurd’s newer releases, “Swang” is easily one of those new generations hip-hop tracks that you can rock to all day long.

7. “No Type”

If you have a type, you don’t have a life. That’s basically the message that Rae Sremmurd is preaching on “No Type,” a booming jam that contributed to this duo’s fast rise to fame. When you’re as big as Rae Sremmurd, you can afford to not have a type.

8. “By Chance”

It might have a slower beat than the other tracks on this list, but “By Chance” has the same hype vibe as the aforementioned songs. These dudes are just bad to the core, and there is a good reason to believe that Raw Sremmurd will be on the scene for a little while longer.

9. “Come Get Her”

If there is any rap group that can turn a country western bar out, it’s Rae Sremmurd, and that’s exactly what the youngins’ did on the video to “Come Get Her,” a sassy single that groves to the cowboy beat like a strong sip of moonshine.

10. “No Flex Zone”

The single that pretty much put Rae Sremmurd on the map, the simple, but intoxicating “No Flex Zone” is still a radio banger three years after its initial release, which speaks to the freshness of this duo’s catalog.