Top 10 best Sevendust songs
Patricia Jones

Sevendust has been in the game for over 20 years. They are constantly creating new and exciting music, tirelessly touring and continue to earn and retain the respect of their peers, as well as music fans around the world. With eleven studio albums, including one acoustic, Sevendust is a band that’s had plenty of experience in experimenting with sound. Over the years, the guys have never shied away from passionate, all-encompassing stage performances, giving every show the same fire and energy. Throughout their career, fans have come to depend on them for an eclectic sampling of songs that will entice, excite, and enthrall. So now, AXS wants to pay our respects to these underrated veterans of the music industry and present you will our take on the top 10 best Sevendust songs.

10. "Enemy"

Released as the lead single from Seasons (2003), this hard-hitting anthem of angst was written by drummer Morgan Rose. The video features former WWE star Joanie Laurer, a.k.a Chyna, as a villainous street thug. It continues to be a fan favorite and highly requested live.

9. "Thank You

The heartbeat of this song provided via the talents of drummer Morgan Rose carries this heavy and deep track from 2015's Kill the Flaw. The balance between the heavy and the melodic make this a dynamic and aurally interesting song. The song was even nominated for a Grammy in 2016 for “Best Metal Performance.”

8. "Praise

As the first single released from 2001’s Animosity, “Praise”  is a driving, headbanger. It peaked at number 15 on Mainstream Rock charts and was even featured on the band’s “best of” album, Best of (Chapter One 1997- 2004). It’s catchy and crunchy chord opening makes “Praise” distinct and highly recognizable by Sevendust fans.

7. "Decay"

Chosen as the lead single off the ninth studio album, Black Out the Sun, this song features an interesting use of distortion and deep chords to create the highs and lows. The video has a haunted house element to, showcasing strange things happening to every member of the band with an ominous ending.

6. "The Wait"

A moving and emotional track from the acoustic studio album Time Travelers and Bonfires, this song plucks the heartstrings along with the guitar strings. The band has said in interviews that the song was written for and about their own personal losses, including that of a close friend at the time. The album, Time Travelers and Bonfires, was created by the band with the help of fan-funding via PledgeMusic and was released April 15, 2014.

5. "Angel’s Son

This song was originally written and released as a single off of a tribute album titled Strait Up in memory of former Snot vocalist James Lynn Strait. Strait was killed in a car accident in 1998 at the age of 30 and his former bandmates, along with some other musicians came together to create the Strait Up tribute album. This song was the only single released off that album; however, both Snot and Sevendust created versions of the song. The Sevendust version appeared on 2001’s Animosity.

4. "Denial

Crunchy guitars and gritty vocals characterize the venom behind this song off 1999’s Home. It’s in the chorus that the trademark melody of Sevendust smooths over and connects the threads. The song is a hard-hitting classic that has long been a fan favorite and even saw a re-imagining in acoustic form on Time Travelers and Bonfires.

3. "Driven

This intense single from 2007’s Alpha was once the band’s highest charting single. It was later replaced in that honor by the vicious and infectious “Enemy,” but remains a large success in the band’s history. It peaked at number 10 on the Mainstream Rock Chart and even made its way into a WWE video game in 2008.

2. "Unraveling

This evocative and swelling track comes from the 2010 eighth studio album, Cold Day Memory. “Unraveling” features incredible vocals from frontman Lajon Witherspoon and crisp chords from lead guitarist Clint Lowery and rhythm guitarist John Connolly. The song peaked at number 7 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts, beating out “Driven” which had previously held the honor of the band’s highest charting single.

1. "Ugly

Once described in an interview as "huge chorus, broken-down verses and really heavy bridges” by Morgan Rose, “Ugly” was released as a single off of 2005’s Next. The music video for the song was the first to feature then-rhythm guitarist Sonny Mayo. Mayo stepped in as a guitarist for Sevendust after the temporary absence of Clint Lowery from 2005 to 2008. This song is quintessential Sevendust, combining all the best parts, talents, and skills of the band in one rushing and engulfing track. It’s cool and glassy yet heavy and chest-rattling all within four minutes.