Top 10 best Stone Temple Pilots songs

Stone Temple Pilots will always be considered one of the greatest bands ever to emerge during the 1990's grunge rock era and they remain relevant today. 

Scott Weiland, who was arguably the best frontman/lead singer ever to emerge from the grunge scene, had a talent for commanding the stage both with his voice and his mere presence. With musical support from the rest of the band members --  brothers Dean DeLeo on lead guitar and Robert DeLeo on bass guitar and Eric Kretz on drums -- STP seems to withhold their place in the music industry.

With hit after hit in their musical library, it was a challenge to come up with only ten songs for our list.  Read on for some of the best Stone Temple Pilots’ tracks in their discography.

10. “Unglued” 
This hard-driving song from the band’s 1994 sophomore album Purple includes lyrics that make one wonder if Weiland was singing about a particular experience with a drug or just having a certain philosophical feeling overcome him. Either way, his final demise will always lead us to believe the former.

9. “Pretty Penny”
As they evolved, STP changed their tune, so to speak, and began releasing songs of a slightly more mellow nature. Such is the case with this melodramatic, acoustic-driven tune. This hit song made the ladies swoon while still causing everyone’s foot to tap. 

8. “Sour Girl”
On their fourth studio album No. 4 in 1999, the band released another acoustically melodic song “Sour Girl”. STP, namely Scott Weiland, really let down his guard and let us into his heart and soul with this rock ballad. He sings about meeting a sad woman who eventually becomes his lover only to lose her when she becomes happy again. A classic tale of the forlorn.

7. "Crackerman" 
It's rare for a song to hit you so hard it almost knocks you down, but such is the case of the relentlessly pounding beat of the band's 1992 Core song "Crackerman". For those avid STP fans who have seen the band’s live show, you know Weiland uses a megaphone during this song to make sure his point is heard.

6. “Sex Type Thing”
This is definitely STP’s most erotically charged song. “Sex Type Thing” was the first hit the band had off their 1992 debut Core. The lyrics to this song just slap the listener in the face with sexually driven overtones until the big finish - “Here I come, I come, I come, I come.”

5. “Plush”
"Plush" can best be interpreted as a song about another cheating lover, giving the impression that Weiland was all too familiar with this subject. Whatever the true story is, “Plush” will always be one of STP’s epic songs. 

4. “Wicked Garden”
Stone Temple Pilots’ debut album Core had a plethora of rock hits, and in 1993 this was one that helped skyrocket them to global fame.  This song will grab you and take control with its resonating musical reverberations and unforgettable vocals.

3. “Creep”
Maybe Weiland was feeling down in the dumps again when they recorded this tune off of Core and released in 1993. If the lyrics “Well, I’m half the man I used to be” don’t give that impression then maybe he was most definitely in pain. His rugged and somber vocals are surely a clue. 

2. “Interstate Love Song”
According to the scorned lover’s lyrics in this Purple song, this is an homage to those who have been lied to by the one they love and have ended the relationship by moving far away. As poetically sung by Mr. Weiland, this rock anthem has an overall peacefulness that is both soothing and contemplative.

1. "Vasoline"  
Heavy in undertones, yet "Vasoline" still stands as one of Stone Temple Pilots' most popular tunes. It begs the question: was Scott Weiland really referring to Vasoline or was it meant to be subliminal? One can never really be certain when it comes to a mind so disturbed, yet brilliant, as his.