Top 10 Best Super Junior Songs

To the average music listener, the term K-Pop probably didn’t enter the vernacular until an artist named PSY danced onto their computer screens and graced the world with Gangnam Style back in 2012-13. But back in South Korea, long before Gangnam Style was a thing, different groups were credited for the spread of Hallyu outside of their native country. One of those groups was Super Junior. Super Junior, originally a 13-member boy band, began in 2005. The band currently has seven active members due to members leaving, mandatory military service and other obstacles, but the group is still going strong and is a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop world. Here are our Top 10 Super Junior songs for your playlist.

10. "Devil"

The release of Devil comes at a major milestone for Super Junior as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. The track features a chic laid-back melody that is a total deviation from the group’s usual title tracks. The song isn’t overly dramatic, showing that sometimes simplicity is key.

9. "잠들고 싶어 (In My Dream)"

When you think of Super Junior, you usually think of addicting hooks and flashy dance moves. Ballads aren’t the first thing that comes to mind; unless you’re talking about Super Junior K.R.Y;a sub-group containing the three main vocalists of the group that literally focuses on ballads. While this song also doesn’t feature all of the members, it is still a good representation of Super Junior's ability to present beautiful and emotional songs.

8. "Don’t Don"

Off of their 2007 sophomore album, the title song "Don’t Don" features a heavy rock sound, something very different than the usual bubblegum pop feel of other dance groups at that time.  The dark theme of the music video plays off of the hard sound in the song with plenty of dramatic yet fun highs and lows. Tragically this was the era where the boys looked like they took a hard tumble in a HotTopic, but we can overlook that for this musical gem.  [Fun side note, Don’t Don was also the first appearance of would be Super Junior-M member Henry, who appears playing the violin.]

7. "너 같은 사람 또 없어 (No Other)"

The sweet side of super Junior come front and center with "No Other." The pop-dance song focuses on soft vocals where every member has a part to sing and show off their adoring boyfriend sides. The quirky yet adorable video along with lyrics like, “There’s no one like you," "How lucky that I’m the person who will try his hardest to protect you"  and “I love you Oh, please know it, to me there’s only you" are enough to make anyone swoon.

6. "Sexy, Free, and Single"

Ever since 2009, Super Junior’s title tracks have pretty much followed the same pattern and had a similar sound, but that all changed with the release of "Sexy, Free, and Single." To differentiate this single from their previous ones, they stripped down to the basic essentials of what makes a Super Junior song and added funky synth beats that created a modern 80’s vibe.  This fresh new take shows that these K-pop veterans easily adapt and change along with the fast pace music scene.

5. "Bittersweet"

With a career span of over 12 years, Super Junior has put out their share of amazing ballads and Bittersweet is just another gem to add to their repertoire.  Featuring Super Junior K.R.Y plus one other member, this ballad about a heart wrenching breakup gives a twist to the usual ballad by having an upbeat and borderline happy sounding chorus. The juxtaposition of uplifting chorus and sad lyrics is a nice change of pace and makes for an interesting song.

4. "It’s You"

It’s You was sort of a bittersweet moment for ELFs. While Super Junior delivered a beautifully balanced song, it was also the last time fans would see all 13 members together in a music video. As a part of the repackaged version of their third studio album Sorry Sorry, It’s You is a dance track with heavy R&B influences that produces a lighter sound where all of the members voices can be featured without much hindrance from electronic beats.

3. "Sorry Sorry"

You cannot talk about Super Junior or K-Pop in general without mentioning Sorry Sorry. With the song’s repetitive yet addicting hook and easy-to-follow dance moves, Sorry Sorry was the song that rocketed Super Junior into global superstardom. Even years after its release, Sorry Sorry can still be heard in Korean music festivals as younger generations pay tribute to the iconic song.

2. "Evanesce"

Evanesce is one of the many examples to showcase the vocal abilities of Super Junior as a whole. Coupled with the music video for This Is Love that describes a simple love, Evanesce tell the story of the once pure love that faded away. Even without one of their main vocalists, the group is able to deliver powerful notes and relay the emotion of the song effortlessly.

1. "Mr. Simple"

With its addictively repetitive chorus and dance moves, Mr. Simple is pretty much Sorry Sorry 2.0. The song take everything that made Sorry Sorry great and multiplied it by ten to get a much cooler vibe than its predecessor. Super Junior surely found the formula for their trademark sound so if it’s not broke then why fix it.

With dedicated ELF’s at their backs, Super Junior is still going strong after 12 years in the music industry. And with their first comeback as a group in over 2 years looming in the near future, there is plenty more to look forward to from Super Junior.