Top 10 best Under The Streetlamp songs
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Under the Streetlamp bring a sharp blend of new life and musical reverence to classic songs from the Great American Radio Songbook. Live audiences everywhere are enthralled and engaged by the fantastic foursome’s stunning harmonies, witty onstage banter and tightly-choreographed dance moves during their frequently sold-out shows.

Eric Gutman, David Larsen, Shonn Wiley and Brandon Wardell currently comprise Under the Streetlamp. Former members include Michael Ingersoll and Christopher Kale Jones.

Anyone who grew up in the era in which guys stood on street corners or sat on stoops singing their hearts out can easily get swept up in the wide array of nostalgic tunes Under the Streetlamp unveil in their critically-acclaimed repertoire. Anyone from the current generation can arguably enjoy being transported back to a time when these indelible tunes soared up the chart.

The guys cover infectious, instantly-recognizable hits across multiple decades and genres with sweet harmonic precision. Audiences sing along at live shows to songs by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Bobby Darin, Tom Jones and so many more. These crowd-pleasing covers fill Under the Streetlamp’s acclaimed studio album discography. In 2018, the group released their second album of holiday hits called Hip to the Holidays.

Though it was admittedly hard to narrow the field to choose our favorites, check out our picks below for the Top 10 best Under the Streetlamp songs.

10. “Try a Little Tenderness”

Under the Streetlamp gives each of its four members moments to shine at live shows. Eric Gutman takes the lead on this R & B classic song which is widely recognized as being sung by the late, great Otis Redding. The Commitments and Three Dog Night also recorded versions. Gutman’s full-bodied growl is gloriously spot on and the boys provide the perfect harmonic back up.

9. “Rockin’ Robin”

Brandon Wardell does a fantastic job taking the lead on this indelible hit which was originally recorded in 1958 by Bobby Day and later made a signature, chart-topping song by teeny-bopping Michael Jackson in 1972. Wardell and his Under the Streetlamp boys do an upbeat, snappy feel-good rendition of the song which features the boys backing Brandon with the irresistible, “tweet, tweet, tweet” and lots of fun dance moves in their live shows. It’s featured on their 2016 album Rockin’ Round the Clock.

8. “Since I Don’t Have You”

Here’s another song covered by multiple artists, starting out with the original Billboard Hot 100 Top 20 single by doo-wop group, The Skyliners. Ronnie Milsap, Don McLean and Guns N’ Roses all did versions of the lonely, lovesick ballad.

David Larsen features on the song in a live YouTube video with the other three Under the Streetlamp guys providing swoon-worthy backing harmonies. Larsen perfectly projects all the forlorn feelings of someone who’s lost their love. His utter misery is lyrically and melodically convincing on what can arguably be described as one of the saddest breakup songs in music history.

7. “Jump Jive An’ Wail”

Shonn Wiley broke down movie musical dance routines with his dad at six-years-old while other kids his age were playing sports. All that work paid off! Wiley shows off his mad dance skills by leading Under the Streetlamp’s live Maryland performance of “Jump Jive An’ Wail” tap dancing. He’s crazy good at it!

Overall, their cover marks a shining example Under the Streetlamp’s diverse catalog. “Jump Jive An’ Wail” is a 1956 jazz tune that makes you want to do exactly what it says – jump, jive an’ wail. If you don’t have a clue how to do it – Under the Streetlamp gives a sensational crash course.

6. “Run, Run Rudolph”

Chuck Berry’s indelible 1958 holiday hit has delighted rock lovers for five decades. Scores of artists have covered the song including Kelly Clarkson, Luke Bryan, Joe Perry and more.

Under the Streetlamp injects their own signature swagger into the song which is featured on their recent Hip to the Holidays album. It’s another toe-tapping crowd-pleasure that’s sure to help Under the Streetlamp fans rock their way into the holiday spirit.

5. “Rock Around the Clock/In the Mood”

“Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley & His Comets was widely regarded as a defining rock record for the ‘50s era. Under the Streetlamp does a wicked mashup of it with jazz standard “In the Mood” on their Rockin’ Round the Clock album. Plus, the song really sets the tone for Under the Streetlamp’s high-energy, dance-heavy, audience-engaging shows. The horns blast out the familiar “In the Mood” melody and as usual, the harmonies on this track are tight, smooth and rich.

4. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

Under the Streetlamp shows are so high-energy and loads of dance-happy fun. It’s nice, though, when the guys slow it down a bit. There’s nothing more indicative of their classic romantic vocal leanings than Frankie Valli’s incomparable 1967 ballad. As “Jersey Boys” Broadway veterans, no vocal group can tap into Valli’s vibe quite the way Under the Streetlamp does. The song is featured on the 2014 album Let the Good Times Roll and is a fan-favorite at live shows.

3. “Medley: Surfer Girl / God Only Knows / California Girls / Don't Worry Baby / Good Vibrations”

It’s impossible not to compare Under the Streetlamp’s shimmering harmonic sound to American harmony masters, The Beach Boys. While nothing can truly mirror the legendary original Beach Boys sound, Under the Streetlamp do the California native rockers exquisite, magnificent justice in their medley of hits including “Surfer Girl,” “God Only Knows,” “Don’t Worry Baby” and more. It’s a standout, fan favorite moment at Under the Streetlamp live shows. The medley can be heard on Rockin’ Round the Clock.

2. “Medley: Sherry/Big Girls Don’t Cry/Walk Like a Man/Bye Bye Baby”

Once again, Under the Streetlamp taps into its group-inspiring musical core with a stunning medley of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons hits. Like the Beach Boys, the New Jersey native pop-rock group has such a unique signature sound. Under the Streetlamp members, having conquered a critically-acclaimed run in the “Jersey Boys” on Broadway, arguably channel sound with brilliant authenticity. The medley is another crowd favorite hailing from Rockin’ Round the Clock.

1. “Who Loves You”

“Who Loves You” was the title track to The Four Seasons 1975 album of the same name. The song spent 20 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and it is the closing number in the “Jersey Boys” musical. Under the Streetlamp did a breathtaking rendition of it on Mother’s Day, 2018, in dedication to the members’ mothers. (Watch the performance above).  If any song could be deemed Under the Streetlamp’s theme song, this one should be it. Therefore, it makes No. 1 on our ranking of the Top 10 Best Under the Streetlamp songs.