Top 10 best Vic Damone songs
Claudio Escobosa Serrano/

Vic Damone was a pop and big band vocalist and actor. He is best known for recording and performing romantic ballads. Between the late 1940s and late 1960s, Damone had numerous hit singles including 11 that reached the Top 10 on the charts. As an actor, he appeared in both film and television roles. Here are 10 of the best known and best-loved songs by Vic Damone.

10. "An Affair to Remember"

This song was played over the opening credits of the 1957 film of the same title. Damone is at his romantic balladeer best and the track employs a fully orchestrated backing. Schmaltzy yes, but also poignant.   

9. "Eternally"

The vocal performance here is so robust it borders on sounding operatic. From 1953, this love song was co-written by screen legend Charlie Chaplin.

8. "Here in My Heart"

A tender vocal approach puts across this love song from 1952 that charted that year at number 8. It was written by Pat Genaro, Lou Levinson, and Bill Borrelli. and was also a hit for Al Martino.

7. "Again"

This tune was written by Lionel Newman and Dorcas Cochran and recorded by numerous artists in the late '40s, '50s and '60s. Damone's version was a single release that reached number 6 on the charts in 1949. It is a laid-back, lilting track with occasional soaring vocal sections. Its lyrics are both clever and ironic.

6. "My Truly, Truly Fair"

Written by Bob Merrill, this was a hit single for Damone in 1951. It is uptempo (unusual for Damone), and has a country/ novelty vibe. It is a feel-good ditty that would not be out of place in a Western film of its time period.

5. "Tzena, Tzena, Tzena"

Another rare uptempo hit single by Damone who was more known for romantic ballads, this tune was originally written in Hebrew with English lyrics adapted later. It charted at number 6 in 1950. 

4. "The Breeze and I"

This was written by Ernesto Lecuona and Al Stillman. It is a romantic ballad of longing and regret. Damone's vocal is set against strings and female backing singers. His final notes reach upward into falsetto range. The single charted at number 21.

3. "My Heart Cries for You

Damone had a number 4 hit with this mid-tempo and somewhat bouncy sentimental ballad in 1950. The track includes answering sections by a female vocal chorus. It also features a strong infectious melodic hook.

2. "On The Street Where You Live"

In 1956 Damone's single of this song from the Broadway musical "My Fair Lady" was a number 4 hit on the pop charts. It features a very dramatic arrangement with lush strings. The singer delivers the clever and evocative lyrics with maximum passion and a rich vocal tone.

1. "You're Breaking My Heart"

This was Damone's big breakout hit in 1949 and took his career to the next level when it topped the charts that year. It is the kind of romantic ballad that the singer would be best known for. Damone's vocal tones, textures and range are all on display here.  The track also features a verse sung in Italian.