Top 10 songs by Juan Gabriel
YouTube/Juan GabrielVEVO

Juan Gabriel will forever be the pride of Ciudad Juarez.

He has the distinction of having the best-selling album of all-time in his home country of Mexico and is also among the best in having sold over 100 million albums worldwide. Although he passed away in August 2016 at the young age of 66, his legacy grew even bigger as he is one of the nominees for Top Latin Artist at this year's Billboard Music Awards. So, to celebrate his contributions to the music world, here are the Top 10 songs of Juan Gabriel’s illustrious career.

1. “Que Lastima”

To get to the true roots of the Bolero sound that Gabriel made so famous, take a listen to “Que Lastima,” and let the music move your heart and soul. You don’t have to understand Spanish to enjoy the song, just listen and let it wash over you like an ocean high tide.

2. “Cancion 187”

Gabriel had his musical claws in almost every Latin sub-genre imaginable, and after Bolero, he was also one of the kings of mariachi, and listening to “Cancion 187” will exhibit why.

3. “Lentamente”

This single was released during the age of the “long-haired mullet,” which Gabriel rocked to sheer efficiency. Gabriel never lost his mojo, even after years of recording and touring, and “Lentamente” is a heartfelt late-career ballad that is every bit as good as his earlier material.

4. “No tengo Dinero”

Back when he was just getting his recording career off the ground, Gabriel was one of the first Latin artists to break out into the mainstream, and, believe it or not, his 1972 hit “No tengo Deinero,” was one of the first ever Latin singles to have a video attached to it.

5. “Te Sigo Amando”

Gabriel will forever be known as one of the kings of Latin music, and, if you really need any more proof, take a listen to “Te Sigo Amando” to hear the king at his very best.

6. “Te lo pido Por Favor”

For a man that made his name singing mariachi and Borleo music, Gabriel has made quite a bit of heartfelt ballads. One of his best is “Te lo pido Por Favor,” which is best heard and felt in his native Spanish.

7. “Insensible”

There is a reason why ladies went crazy over Juan Gabriel. Sure, he had those killer looks, but his music was just as intoxicating and attractive, and “Insensible” is one of those singles that adds to his legend.

8. “Yo no se que me Paso”

Another one of his Borleo classics, “Yo no se que me Paso” is truly a gem among Gabriel’s extensive catalog. The song’s mid-tempo pace is both good for a sit down listen and a song that you can dance to with your love.

9. “Asi Fue”

Gabriel’s sound was truly from heaven, and you will agree with that sentiment once you take a listen to “Asi Fue.” It’s both danceable and heartfelt, but the true gem of this record lies within his soft but soaring voice, which few in the Latin world can re-create.

10. “El Destino”

Just sit for a minute and listen to the heavenly sound of Juan Gabriel on this Latin classic. The rhythm and his sound go hand-and-hand with each other, and the end result was a song that is truly something beautiful.