Top 11 best songs about coffee
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Coffee has become more than just a beverage, it's a way of life. In a world where you can't walk more than 50 feet without hitting some sort of coffee shop, it's easy to see why the popular beverage would get its very own holiday; International Coffee Day, October 1.

Whether you French press, cold brew or just rack up those Starbuck reward, in honor of that day, here are some of the very best songs about the tasty beverage:

11. The Arrogant Worms: "The Coffee Song"
Going to a coffee shop can be a bit of a frustrating experience with smug baristas and drinks that are hard to pronounce. It can be especially frustrating if all you want is a simple cup of joe. The Arrogant Worms wrote a catchy, funny song about the sometimes overwhelming experience - complete with an overly chipper barista named Derek.

10. Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes: "Black Coffee"
This song begins with a recollection of a grandfather who "taught me to drink coffee black as pitch and hot as hell." That is probably enough to win over some coffee drinkers. However, with the easygoing vibe and the excellent guitar picking, this is the perfect accompaniment to that first cup of coffee.

9. Los FabuLocos: "The Coffee Song"
With the accordion in the intro, this song instantly brings Texas Tornados to mind. This is another pensive song in which Jesus Cuevas longs for someone who has gone. The nostalgic thoughts occur as he listens to the radio and stirs his coffee on a Sunday morning.

8. Lefty Frizzell: "Cigarettes and Coffee Blues"
A country song about being brokenhearted is nothing unique. Backed by some good honky-tonk piano Frizzell ponders a relationship that has gone wrong. Since sleep won't come, he spends the night smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. It's not a doctor-recommended response, but it sure makes for a good song.

7. Lagwagon: "Mr. Coffee"
Overindulging in coffee is something a lot of people do. Lagwagon wrote a song about that very topic. Joey Cape sings about waking up, enjoying a whole pot of coffee and being able to "face the day on legal speed." 

6. Black Flag: "Black Coffee"  
From the opening notes, this is a raucous song that sounds like it was recorded in a garage. Meanwhile, Henry Rollins shouts the lyrics "Drinking black coffee and staring at the walls." This works as well as a double shot of espresso to get you going. Instead of chilling while you enjoy your first cup, this song makes you want to run through walls. 

5. Descendents: "Coffee Mug"
Lingering over a cup of coffee is one of life's simple pleasures. There is no lingering in this song that is only 34 seconds long. This song has a furious tempo that matches the intensity of Milo Aukerman's vocals as he shouts, "I don't need no booze or drugs. I just want my coffee mug." It's short, but it's enough to get you going.

4. Mighty Mighty Bosstones: "Cowboy Coffee"
While some songs are perfect for greeting the day with a cup of coffee. This song sounds more like the result of a healthy dose of coffee. It is an uptempo, bright song highlighted by, horns, a lively bass line, and Dicky Barrett's vocals, which are delivered so quickly that they're hard to comprehend.

3. Squeeze: "Black Coffee in Bed"
This might be the most familiar song about coffee since it has been a staple on the radio for such a long time. It's also a little bit different than a lot of songs about coffee. It's not so much an ode as it is a nostalgic piece about how a coffee stain on a notebook reminds the narrator of someone who has gone.

2. Mississippi John Hurt: "Coffee Blues"
The beginning of this song is a bit like a commercial as Hurt talks about Maxwell House Coffee. After that, he sings in an easy voice about how the girl that made him coffee left him. He also picks the guitar in his signature style as he sings an ode to his beverage of choice. Frankly, this is as good as any love song about a person.

1. Frank Sinatra: "The Coffee Song"
Hearing Sinatra sing about the coffee in Brazil is something that will never get old. The upbeat, swinging melody is easy to dance to while the lyrics are good for a couple laughs. It is especially charming to hear him sing about a woman in Brazil who was fined 50 dollars for drinking water. The real clincher, however, is when Sinatra sings "they put coffee in their coffee in Brazil."