Top 15 best songs for Earth Day
Joe Walsh/YouTube

Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated yearly around the world to help spread awareness of how fragile this planet has become. Over the decades, many musicians have done their part to share the message with protests and donations. As expected, the easiest way for them  to convey their thoughts is through the power of music. We've searched through a vast library of tunes to bring you a playlist of some of the best songs about the planet, which you can stream below. From heavy metal to folk rock, these songs are perfect for all of your Earth Day celebrations. 

15. Lamb of God - "Reclamation"
"Reclamation" was originally slated to be an instrumental track on Lamb of God's 2009 album Wrath. Vocalist Randy Blythe changed that by delivering some somber lyrics about humanity's destructive behavior and how the Earth will soon get its vengeance ("The earth will shake and the waters will rise/The elements reclaim what was taken").

14. Neil Young - "Be The Rain"
As the final track on Neil Young's 2003 studio album Greendale, "Be The Rain" urges us to "Save the planet for another day."

13. Cattle Decapitation - "Manufactured Extinct"
Since their inception, death metal/grindcore band Cattle Decapitation have been known for their songs about the abuse of animals and the planet. Their 2015 studio album The Anthropocene Extinction was inspired by the Great Pacific garbage patch. The opening song "Manufactured Extinct" has vocalist Travis Ryan growling, "Altered climate accelerating exacerbated by our human activities."

12. Set Your Goals - "Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man)"
On their sophomore studio album This Will Be the Death of Us, pop punk band Set Your Goals made people think in the pit with "Gaia Bleeds (Make Way for Man)". The song tears apart the destruction of the Earth by ways of warfare and pollution.

11. Chevelle - "Jars"
Coming from Chevelle's 2009 studio album Sci-Fi Crimes, "Jars" wants us to save the environment in a special way. How do we do that? Well, singer Pete Loeffler wants us to put it in jars.

10. Rise Against - "The Eco-Terrorist In Me"
From Rise Against's album The Black Market, "The Eco-Terrorist In Me" finds vocalist Tim McIlrath calling for actions against big corporations with lines such as "Because I found God in the sound of your factories burning down/Now, I sleep so sound."

9. Bonnie Dobson - "Morning Dew" 
As one of Bonnie Dobson's best known songs, "Morning Dew" deals with waking up in a land wrecked by World War III. The song was influenced by the 1959 film On the Beach.

8. The Beach Boys - "Don't Go Near the Water"
The Beach Boys are known for songs about surfing and hanging on the beach. With "Don't Go Near the Water", the band are basically telling people to stay away from the beach due to humanity's careless actions.

7. Joe Walsh - "Song for a Dying Planet"
The title track of Joe Walsh's 1992 studio album finds the singer-songwriter giving a blunt message that "We are living on a dying planet/ We're killing everything that's alive."

6. Serj Tankian - "Harakiri"
"The drum fish/They beached themselves in Harakiri" sings Serj Tankian in the title track to his 2012 solo album Harakiri. The song references the highly publicized 2010–2011 midwinter animal mass death events, which led to the deaths of thousands of birds and millions of fish in a four month span.

5. Nuclear Assault - "Critical Mass"
As the sole single from Nuclear Assault's 1989 album Handle with Care, "Critical Mass" shames big corporations with the chorus of "Another oil spill! Atomic waste displaced Another forest dies!" The NYC thrash metal band filmed the music video for the song in front of oil drills to further get their point across.

4. Bad Religion - "Kyoto Now!" 
When Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin heard about the Kyoto Now movement, he had to give them an anthem. Taken from the band's 2002 studio album The Process of Belief, the song takes a stand against the usage of carbon dioxide emissions.

3. Sara Noxx and Project Pitchfork - "Earth Song"
In 2008, electro industrial acts Sara Noxx and Project Pitchfork joined forces for "Earth Song." The two acts brought a socially-conscious groove to the dancefloor with lyrics such as "Where the flowers are growing on bloody sand/We’re walking on to deadman’s land."

2. Michael Jackson - "Earth Song"
As one of the biggest global humanitarians of all time, many of Michael Jackson's songs have been about important issues. "Earth Song" from 1995's HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I helped draw attention to the degrading atmosphere around us.

1. Devin Townsend - "Earth Day"
Devin Townsend is known for delivering some of the most epic metal jams you'll ever hear. His 2001 album Terra is a tribute to everything good about the Earth. For years, "Earth Day" has been the unofficial Earth Day anthem for eco-friendly metalheads. While Townsend screams "There is no message," there's clearly one amongst the elegant riffs, and that's "Recycle."