Maluma, Taylor Swift, Miguel, Adele and Demi Lovato cover art

Maluma, Taylor Swift, Miguel, Adele and Demi Lovato cover art

Photos courtesy of Sony Latin, Big Machine, RCA, XL and Hollywood Records / Artists' Instagram accounts

2016 was filled with many surprises for better or worse. In terms of the music out this year, many of those surprises were music to the ears. Some artists returned with a vengeance and others continued to crank out great cuts. There were some breakout moments as well. With the year coming to a close, here's a list of the best 30 songs to come out of 2016.

15. Demi Lovato's "Body Say" / "Body Say" single

For Demi Lovato fans feeling some type of way, she had them covered with the "Body Say" single. Atmospheric production and synth sheen seemingly pulled from the '80s backed the superstar speaking her dirty thoughts. "Dreamland / Take me there 'cause I want your sex," she belted. The rush of emotions propelled her powerful voice to soaring heights as she gave in to the temptations. "Body Say" was a sensuous pop stunner.

14. Adele's "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" / 25

Adele teamed up with pop hit-maker Max Martin for "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)," a surprise bop from the songstress. Instead of sulking over past loves, she was happy to move on. Folksy guitar backed Adele letting her ex know that she was too much woman for him. "I was too strong / You were trembling / You couldn't handle the hot heat rising," Adele sang. The soul and sass she's known for made for one heck of a kiss-off anthem.

13. Miguel and Kacey Musgraves' "Waves" / Rogue Waves EP

R&B singer-songwriter Miguel released remixes of his "Waves" single and the standout was a version with country crooner Kacey Musgraves. Guitar chord reverb and percussion backed the two as they dove into wicked rhymes. "I wanna surf in it, baby / Get turnt in it, baby," Musgraves sang in perfect harmony with Miguel. "Body surf / Don't sleep," he added. There was magic in the way both artists coasted Miguel's nautically naughty innuendos.

 12. Taylor Swift's "Out of the Woods" / 1989

While most of Taylor Swift's mega-successful 1989 album was handled by Max Martin, she let Bleachers' Jack Antonoff take the wheel as producer in "Out of the Woods." He supplied Taylor with towering walls of electronica as she revisited a rocky relationship. "Last December, we were built to fall apart and then fall back together," Swift sang. The emotions ran high on this pop detour with Antonoff that led to her most adventurous and breathtaking single to date.

11. Maluma's "Sin Contrato" / Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy

Colombian superstar on the rise Maluma worked his magic for the "Sin Contrato" (English: "Without Contract") single. His Dirty Boy side got its shine on the rock-influenced dance track with tropical undertones. Maluma's smooth vocals sold his affinity for those no-strings-attached type of nights well. The glowing tune was as every bit alluring as the deal he was trying to push. "Sin Contrato" was an easy sell in Maluma's hands.

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