Top 5 best Duran Duran songs

Duran Duran has always been hungry like the wolf.

Formed in 1978, the Birmingham, England quintet was one of the leading groups of the new wave era, specifically being one of the first to make the “new romantic” movement a popular subgenre.

With a litany of catchy new wave hits under their belts, it was tough to decide on the top five songs that defined this criminally good looking band, but, we did, and as we continue with our ongoing series counting down the top five in every music category imaginable, here are the top five songs that defined Duran Duran.  

5. “Is There Something I Should Know”  

It took a little time for this catchy single to catch on, but once new wavers got a listen of 1983’s “Is There Something I Should Know,” fans were hooked. The bouncy new wave single perfectly personifies Duran Duran’s sound, and there is no reason why this single shouldn’t be in your 80s playlist.

4. “A View To a Kill”

From the opening salvo, Duran Duran hit the classic Bond theme out of the park with “A View To A Kill.” The main theme to the James Bond movie of the same name, 1985’s “A View To A Kill” still holds the title of being the most successful Bond anthem, as in being the only Bond theme to hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Once you hear the song (if you haven’t heard it, which is pretty shocking if you ask us), you will see why “A View To A Kill” is still viewed by many as the ultimate Bond theme. (sorry, Sam Smith)

3. “Girls On Film”

The first Duran Duran song to breakout on the chart here in the States, “Girls on Film” may be remembered more for the video, which back in 1981 was considered “racy,” than the actual song. But the track is one of the band’s best, which highlights the group finally planted their feet in a sound that would give them their trademark fame.

2. “Hungry Like the Wolf”

By the time Duran Duran’s second LP Rio hit the store shelves in 1982, the band was ready to make the transition into being a powerhouse name. Rio is one of pop music’s greatest albums, but the song that led the pack was “Hungry Like the Wolf,” which had that jungle-enthused sound that many fell in love with. As with most of the band’s hits, you can’t talk about “Hungry Like the Wolf” without mentioning the slick video that accompanied it, which was nothing short of sheer art.

1. “Rio”

Her name was Rio, and in 1982 Duran Duran rode Rio all the way to the top of the new wave food chain. The title track to the legendary album of the same name, “Rio” is Duran Duran through-and-through, with its sounds giving way to a lush, tropical atmosphere that only the band could accomplish.