Top 5 best Katy Perry songs from 'Prism'

Katy Perry has been one of the most prominent artists of the 2010s upon the release of her second mainstream album (third overall) Teenage Dream. While One of the Boys launched her pop career, it was the follow-up that cemented her place. She scored a string of hits, tying Michael Jackson for the most Hot 100 No. 1s from a single album, and she would have broken the record had she not renamed the reissue featuring the No. 1 hit "Part of Me." In 2013, she released her long-awaited set Prism where she earned several more hits. It was kicked off with "Roar" and though the singles weren't as commercially successful on the charts, they sustained longevity including the No. 1 hit "Dark Horse." On May 15, 2017, she announced the upcoming release of Witness due out June 9. While we wait, AXS is taking a look at the top 5 best Katy Perry songs from Prism.

5. "Double Rainbow"

One of the highlights of the album is found on the 12th song. "Double Rainbow" has a throwback vibe with an 80's influenced chorus layered with walls of sound. In this track, Perry is happy to find the treasure that she did and the two of them make "everything glitter." She sees eye to eye with that person and wants to be by their side. It's that once in a lifetime connection that is described.

4. "Choose Your Battles"

"Choose Your Battles" closes the deluxe edition of Prism with progressive beats as she sings of a love about to crumble. Defeated and retreated, she's working her way around the triggers that set off what would be presumed to be arguments. She's urging that battles need to be chosen, that the war would then be over, and that she is also not giving into it anymore. "Why you trying to make me your enemy?/ All we really need is a little peace/ I just wanna be your lover/ Oh this is not a competition/ So baby why the ammunition, I don't wanna be the last one standing," she confesses. In the end, she says to stay if that's what he wants, or to go if it's headed down that path.

3. "Spiritual"

As a bonus track on Prism, the song is a standout track of the sessions for its enlightening vibe matching its title. "Spiritual" sings of a deep connection that is so addicting, so strong that it surpasses the laws of chemistry. The atmospheric song confesses the power she's feeling, praying for that one who would see to the depths of her soul. "Holy hell and heaven high/ You have opened up my eyes/ And I am finally healed," she sings. 

2. "By the Grace of God"

"By the Grace of God" was the foundation of Prism and was written in 2012 during a low phase Perry was experiencing following a collapse of her marriage. It contains some of the album's most defining moments and somber sentiments. As the closer to the standard edition, "Grace" leaves the album on a happier note as she picked herself up off the floor and refused to let love break her. Perry gives a shout out to her sister for helping her keep her head above the water through her troubling times.

1. "Dark Horse" featuring Juicy J.

"Dark Horse" was released as the third single from the album. It steadily climbed the Billboard Hot 100 once it was released and in early 2014, it finally reached No. 1, becoming Perry's ninth No. 1 on the chart. It spent 22 weeks in the top 10 and 52 weeks on the chart overall. "Horse" has sold over 6.3 million copies in the U.S. and 13.2 million worldwide. The song received a nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 2015 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

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