Top 5 best Lorde songs from 'Pure Heroine'

New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde is gearing up to release her sophomore record Melodrama on June 16, 2017 after premiering the lead single "Green Light." The songwriter exploded onto the scene with the hit track "Royals" which took home two Grammy Awards including Song of the Year. Lorde then followed up with the catchy tune, "Team." Lorde's debut album Pure Heroine was wise beyond her years and AXS is taking a look at the top 5 best Lorde songs from the set.

5. "Buzzcut Season"

One of the somber songs on Pure Heroine, Lorde is trying to live in her own reality, escaping what is going on in the outside world. "Explosions on TV/ And the girls with heads inside a dream/ So now we live beside the pool where everything is good," she sings in the opening verses. Men on the news are telling people they will lose but Lorde is living in "this blue" where everything is good. "And I'll never go home again (Place the call, feel it start)/ Favorite friend (and nothing's wrong when nothing's true)/ I live in a hologram with you," she continues.

4. "Swingin Party"

Included on the extended version of the album, "Swingin Party" is actually a cover of The Replacements. The song is about losing yourself in a crowd, hiding in plain sight and being uncomfortable in social situations that alcohol is needed to fake how one is really feeling. Lorde's soft voice retains the melancholy sound of the song as she runs through each phrase.

3. "Glory and Gore"

"Glory and Gore" was released as the fourth single from the album and Lorde takes her music to a darker place both sonically and in lyrical content. The song describes the world's obsession with violence. The gothic-like trip hop track was featured in History Channel's Vikings commercial ad perfectly fitting with a lyric like, "Glory and gore go hand in hand/ That's why we're making headlines/ You can try and take us/ But victory's contagious."

2. "A World Alone"

"A World Alone" closes the standard edition of the album on a happy note. The upbeat track does however have darker undertones lyrically that speak of the haters in the world, the people who go on the internet and say whatever comes to mind no matter how negative but there's that one person that makes it easy to escape those realities. "Maybe the internet raised us/ Or maybe people are jerks (people are talking)/ But not you," she says to said friend.

1. "Ribs"

One of the highlights of the album comes on the dreamy track "Ribs" that finds Lorde having maturity and real life problems. Her sultry poetic voice styling makes it an instant earworm wrapped in layers of ambience throughout the entire track especially in the instrumental near the end of the song.

Listen to the top 5 best Lorde songs from Pure Heroine in an open Spotify playlist below: