Top 5 best Michael Bublé albums
Michael Buble/YouTube

Michael Bub  has released more than a dozen albums over his career, but which ones stand out the most? It can be hard to pick out the Canadian crooner's best work when he's been a hitmaker for so long, but some records are a cut above the rest. AXS has ranked the 5 most noteworthy Michael Bublé albums for fans to listen to, before getting tickets to see Michael Bublélive here on AXS.

5) Michael Bublé Meets Madison Square Garden

Live albums are usually not on any artist's short list. They're often hit or miss, with the added crowd noise often taking away from a song. That wasn't the case when Bublé recorded his performance at Madison Square Garden back in 2009. Not only does the sound not detract, but it actually makes the record better. He's clearly feeding off the energy of the fans, and it feels like the audience is right there in the arena. No wonder this album won a Grammy Award.

4) Michael Bublé

There's still a certain charm to Bublé's breakthrough album, released in 2003. The self-titled record gave music fans an insanely good cover of "Sway" and Bublé's tongue in cheek take on the "Spider-Man Theme." It proved that while Bublé could melt hearts, he also was going to have fun with his music. And it's not just his music, but his great personality that's made him a superstar.

3) Nobody But Me

Bublé's most recent record was more slick and polished than his past releases, but it still maintained plenty of his charm. The title track, aside from having a hilarious music video, proved that Bublé still has talent as a songwriter, not just a vocalist. He also re-energized "God Only Knows" and made it sound fresh and new again, which isn't an easy task considering how classic that song is. Maybe it was a little too perfect, but this 2016 release was still a winner.

2) It's Time

Selling almost four million units, It's Time is Bublé's most successful album in the United States, and it's really not hard to see why. More than a decade after its 2005 release, it still holds up as an outstanding pop record. Without this album, music fans wouldn't have "Home" which is one of the most heartbreakingly sweet ballads ever recorded. And his version of "Feeling Good" shows off what a vocal powerhouse he is.

1) Crazy Love

Nearly a decade ago, Crazy Love proved that Michael Bublé is the complete package. So many songs on this record are immediate hits, including the title track and his best-known song, "Haven't Met You Yet." Bublé moved easily between upbeat pop and emotional ballads on the album, showcasing a tremendous range. He delivered everything that a pop record should be, winning himself another Grammy Award. Watch the original album trailer by playing the video above and you'll see why it's not only his best album, but should be considered a new classic.

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