Top 5 Justin Bieber bromances

While it always seems like Justin Bieber is grabbing headlines, this week is an especially big one for the Biebs. He has been dropping singles for the last couple few weeks, his new album Purpose comes out Friday, and he will be appearing everyday this week with his buddy Ellen on her show for “Bieber Week.” So what better time to take a look back at something Justin Bieber has had a lot of. No not hits, not models, but bromances. That’s right, bromances.

Usher-Usher and the Biebs were buds early on in Bieber’s career when Justin’s manager Scooter Braun brought him to Atlanta. Usher really took Justin under his wing and showed him the way of the biz. In 2010 Usher and Bieber performed together on the “Somebody To Love Remix” as well as a handful of other tracks. While the two have drifted apart as of late, Usher was one of the biggest influences on the young Bieber.

Niall Horan-The Biebs hung out with the One Direction singer quite a bit over the summer. There are also images of the boys cooking noodles together back in 2012 after the VMAs. When the pops stars hung out again in July it drove the Internet crazy, there was quite a freak-out on Twitter. Justin and Niall have been friends for a while, having met before One Direction was formed and when Niall was on the X Factor.

Floyd Mayweather-An unlikely pairing but hey when you’re bros you’re bros. The two even got pedicures and massages together. It doesn’t get much more bro than that! While some thought that the champ lost a little street cred when he allowed Bieber to join him in the ring after fights, Bieber kept his cool and they continue to be friends.

Michael Buble-Although it was only a quick fling, Buble and the Biebs exchanged “I love you, mans” when Justin appeared on A Michael Buble Christmas in 2011 to perform his single “Mistletoe”. Buble gushed that he had sent Bieber his album but when Bieber said he hadn’t sent Buble his Buble remarks, “well, someone’s poster is coming down off my wall, but I’m still a “Belieber.”

Phish-Okay, and we thought Mayweather was the most unlikely bromance, but this one definitely trumps. The kings of hippie jam music and the kind of bubblegum pop? You better beliebe it! The connection here is Bieber’s guitarist and musical director, Danny Kanter, who just so happens to be a huge Phish fan. He turned Justin onto Phish and brought him to a concert where Bieber got to meet Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio. Trey revealed that his teenage daughter was a big Bieber fan and later brought her to a show where Justin signed autographs for Trey’s daughter backstage. In August of 2012 Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Kanter attended a Phish show in Long Beach where the young couple tossed some glow sticks around with Bieber wearing a tie dye and a Flyers hat, Anastasio’s favorite sports team. Phish’s bassist Mike Gordon also attended a Bieber show and then took a photo with the Biebs and Kanter backstage. Then, Chris Kuroda, Phish’s light director and widely regarded as the fifth member of Phish was brought on by Kanter to do lights for Bieber’s “Believe” tour. Kanter has also worked Phish songs into Bieber’s set. Even low key Phish lyricist Tom Marshall got in on the tweeting when he and Trey dropped in on Kuroda at a Bieber show at Madison Square Garden. And the Biebs himself responded.