Top 5 Kelly Clarkson album tracks for a fan's collection
Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson released her sixth studio album Piece by Piece on March 3. The intense album recorded during pregnancy is a collection of pop tunes that shows off Clarkson's vocal range as well as beginning a new chapter in her life with a family. Over the years, Kelly Clarkson's albums have sold in excess of 23 million worldwide and spawned hits such as "Since U Been Gone" and "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)." While she has a catalog of top 10s, some of her album tracks show the depth of Clarkson as a singer and a songwriter. AXS will take a look at 5 of her album tracks.

1. "Maybe" - My December

"Maybe" was released on 2007's My December. The album was met with negativity when Clive Davis, then CEO, denounced the album and belittled Clarkson's work for going alone with her backing bank. "Maybe" was first previewed during the 2006 Addicted Tour and was a heavier track with more electric guitars. The sweet hypnotic tone of the song was scaled back for the album, co-written with guitarist Aben Eubanks.

2. "Long Shot" - All I Ever Wanted

In 2009, Clarkson released All I Ever Wanted, a hodge podge of various pop stylings that featured hit single "My Life Would Suck Without You." All I Ever Wanted included two songs written by Katy Perry including album track "Long Shot." Clarkson took the thumb tapping track to new heights compared to Perry's demo and is reminiscent of an 80's pop rock Cher. "Long Shot" is a feel good track perfect for a warm sunny day with windows rolled down.

3. "Hear Me" - Breakaway

"Hear Me" came from 2004's mega hit album Breakaway. Track 11 was a far cry from the "Idol" image Clarkson still had and amped up the guitars moreso than even on singles "Since U Been Gone" and "Hazel Eyes." "Hear Me" instantly became a fan favourite for its true rock origins and a sly grit only Clarkson is capable of even in her younger age. "Hear Me" was written by Clarkson about being in the industry and has gone through many changes on tours through the years.

4. "Standing in Front of You" - Stronger

"Standing in Front of You" is a song Clarkson co-wrote with her band members. The song incorporates an epic feel as if the song could be featured in a soundtrack. Cinematic, the original demo leaked on the internet in 2010 and had an 80's subtle vibe. RCA, Clarkson's label, asked if she could up the production which she agreed to and out came a song perfect for a wedding dance.

5. "Take You High" - Piece by Piece

From Kelly Clarkson's latest album Piece by Piece, "Take You High" is nothing like Clarkson has ever done. The song is light and ethereal yet the dubstep beat is heavy. Clarkson has referenced the song as her "Cruel Intentions" track with orchestral elements. Clarkson had sent the track back to producers several times with instructions to make it heavier, resulting in an already fan favourite upon its release.

Kelly Clarkson will begin her tour in support of Piece by Piece this summer.