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Photography by Kim Allegrezza
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Myles Kennedy has worked with some amazing bands over the years including Alter Bridge and Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. As an artist he has a rich history in metal and hard rock as well as jazz and blues. He also has an incredible catalog of songs. Kennedy’s carefree attitude is absolutely charming and he really lets it all hang out at his solo live sets. We caught him in Baltimore on Wednesday night, here are a few reasons to check out a Myles Kennedy show.

1.His voice 

At a Myles Kennedy acoustic solo performance, one is instantly aware of the quality of his voice. When part of a band setting there is a lot going on and a person may lose fact of the kind of pipes Myles truly possesses.

2.Kennedy plays a mean acoustic guitar 

At a recent performance in Baltimore Myles noticed a fan wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt and decided to play some Maiden, but in a slightly different and absolutely spellbinding fashion. He completely rocked “The Trooper” on that guitar.

3.Kennedy has a delightful sense of humor 

From spontaneously jumping up and doing the MC Hammer dance, to joking about how he should get the guys in Alter Bridge to dress like he did in his Steel Dragon days and mugging for selfies from the stage with fans, Kennedy’s shows have a distinct joyfulness to them.

4. His motto: “A day without making music is a wasted day”

Kennedy acknowledges music is a consuming force in his life. Music is his passion, it is his job and it is his hobby. He says if he is not writing, playing or singing, he is probably listening to music.

5.The storyteller style setting 

Myles’ fans love him. They really get into the live shows, there is a lot of whooping, clapping and singing along. His rendition of “Songbird” is so stunning people are inspired to dance, touched by the beauty of the song. Kennedy interacts with the audience a lot, even giving them the chance to vote on whether the next song is an Elton John or Led Zeppelin number. His take on “Going To California” is truly captivating.