Top 7 best moments in WWE SmackDown history
Video by WWE

There have been countless jaw-dropping moments on WWE SmackDown since the show debuted in 1999, but there's seven that stand out the most. Here's a look at those moments:

1. John Cena's debut
In June of 2002, a rising prospect by the name of John Cena emerged from backstage to take on Kurt Angle. It was apparent from the moment that the youngster appeared that he would be a major star. He had the charisma, the look, and skills in the ring and on the mic to make an immediate impact.

2. Daniel Bryan's grand return
After two years on the sideline, Daniel Bryan revived the "Yes movement" with the announcement that he would be returning to active competition. The announcement came in March of 2018.

3. Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match do-over
In June of 2017, James Ellsworth solidified himself as a top heel by helping Carmella win the Money in the Bank ladder match, scoring her a contract for a world title opportunity. 

4. Brock Lesnar and Big Show break the ring
Way back in June of 2003, two of the greatest big men to ever compete -- Brock Lesnar and Big Show -- tore down the house during a taping of SmackDown. During their match, the ring literally caved in.

5. Steve Austin fights Booker T in a supermarket
When Booker T went toe-to-toe with "Stone Cold" in a supermarket in 2001, fight fans knew it was must-see television. The brawl went down in history as one of the most memorable moments not only on SmackDown but in all WWE programming.

6. A.J. Styles wins the title from Jinder Mahal
Styles made "SD Live" the "House that A.J. Styles Built" with a world championship victory over Mahal in November of 2017. Fighting off interference from the Singh brothers, the former New Japan Pro Wrestling star showed off elite form in an electrifying performance for the ages.

7. Triple H gets pummeled by Arnold Schwarzenegger
The former California governor will always hold a place in the hearts and minds of WWE fans, for his classic moment in 1999 during a SmackDown taping. Schwarzenegger famously beat up "The Game," and then had his hands raised in victory by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.