Toto release smokin' studio version of Weezer's 'Hash Pipe': Listen

The cultural phenomenon that is the homage fest between Weezer and Toto continues. It all started when a fan ignited a social media campaign for Weezer to cover the Toto hit “Africa.” Perhaps as a joke, Rivers Cuomo and company shared a cover of another Toto classic, “Rosanna,” but eventually made good on the request and released a cover of “Africa.” Of course, the internet went nuts and the song became Weezer’s first hit of the decade. The band even enlisted the help of Toto’s Steve Porcaro for a performance of the song on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The homage ball was now in Toto’s court.

To return the favor, Toto recently covered the Weezer classic “Hash Pipe”--from Weezer’s 2001 self-titled “Green Album”--at a show in Vancouver for their 40 Trips Around the Sun tour. But now Toto has made it official. The band has released a studio version of “Hash Pipe” and the homage has come full circle. Or has it? You can listen to Toto’s rendition of Weezer’s “Hash Pipe” below.

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