Toto returns the favor by covering Weezer's 'Hash Pipe' in Vancouver: Watch

After the music world went crazy and the internet nearly broke down when Weezer covered Toto’s “Africa,” Toto has returned the favor and covered one of Weezer’s most well-known songs. 

At a recent show in Vancouver, Toto busted out Weezer’s 2001 single “Hash Pipe” from the so-called Green Album. Why did they cover “Hash Pipe?” Toto’s Steve Lukather had an amusing explanation as he introduced the song.

“We figured since we were smoking hash since before they were born, that’s the one we should do. This is our tribute to Weezer, god bless ’em.” You can check out fan-shot footage of Toto doing Weezer’s “Hash Pipe” above.

Weezer recently performed “Africa” on Jimmy Kimmel Live along with Toto member Steve Porcaro and also released the song as a single--along with another Toto cover, “Rossana,” as the B-side--becoming the band’s first hit in 10 years.

The Weezer covering “Africa” movement started in 2017 when a fan launched a Twitter account campaigning for the band to cover the Toto hit. Perhaps as a bit of a joke and to build more suspense, Rivers Cuomo and company covered Toto’s “Rosanna” before finally releasing “Africa.” The exchange has certainly been an interesting intersection of rock’s past and present.

Toto is currently in the midst of their 40th-anniversary tour. Click here for tickets to select Toto shows on AXS.