Towkio to 'drop' new album while he's 100,000 feet in the air
TOWKIO / YouTube

There have been many publicity stunts over the years when it comes to the music industry. However, the latest from Chicago rapper Towkio might be one of the craziest. Towkio has announced that he will release his brand-new album while in a helium balloon 100,000 feet up in the air. 

According to Towkio, there is always the chance he could die recording the new album, but there is nothing he would rather do when he dies than make music. The rapper didn't die, as Towkio went up in the helium balloon on Feb. 23 to release his new album World Wide.Wav.  The album is described as a "futuristic hip-hop album," which is likely why he wanted to get strapped to a balloon and sent into space.

In an interview with Noisey, Towkio said it felt like a vertical velocity drop when he was dropped on the balloon. He did say that once the parachute opened, it was gradual, but it felt like the longest time in his entire life to get to the ground. He did note that his new album was playing and he was able to listen to it four or five times.

World Wide.Wav (WWW) is the first studio album for Towkio, although he also has three EPs and a mixtape from 2015.