Tracking the All-NBA teams in 2016-17
Ximo Pierto/YouTube

With most teams nearing the quarter-mark of the NBA season, we take a look at what the All-NBA teams might look like when the season concludes. The NBA selects the league's five best players at their respective positions to the first team, and a second and third team are also announced. Several players have stood out so far in 2016-17, making them worthy of a selection at the end of the season.

The potential lineups are as follows:

All-NBA First Team

G Russell Westbrook

G James Harden

F Kawhi Leonard

F LeBron James

C Anthony Davis

These five players will likely round out the Top 5 for MVP voting come season’s end. Westbrook is the early favorite for the award, as the point guard has been the league’s most dynamic player. Anthony Davis has been a statistical dynamo thus far, despite his team’s struggle in the win-loss column. James Harden has elevated his play under new head coach Mike D'Antoni, as well.

All-NBA Second Team

G Stephen Curry

G Kyrie Irving

F Giannis Antetokounmpo

F Kevin Durant

C DeMarcus Cousins

Giannis Antetokounmpo has been the biggest revelation among star-caliber players. Standing at nearly 7-feet tall, the “Greek Freak” has an extraordinary skillset for someone of his height and reach. Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving will forever be linked for their Game 7 showdown in the closing minutes, and they have both excelled early in 2016-17. DeMarcus Cousins has been the league's best "true" center, but Davis' ability to stretch to that position in smaller lineups gives him the nod for now.

All-NBA Third Team

G Kemba Walker

G DeMar DeRozan

F Andrew Wiggins

F Draymond Green

C Hassan Whiteside

 So often, a player who comes out of nowhere snags a massive contract and recedes into anonymity. This has not been the case with Hassan Whiteside. He leads the league in rebounding and ranks third in blocks. He’s added more to his offensive repertoire, too. Andrew Wiggins has also shined for the young Minnesota Timberwolves. His expanded three-point shooting make this star-in-the-making someone to watch in the years to come.