Triple-threat Ne-Yo, works hard for your money

Like many of his contemporaries, Ne-Yo has been heavily influenced by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. While his admiration forJackson is apparent in his shows, and is part of what he is known for, Ne-Yo is a unique performer in his own right.

His shows offer an abundance of energy and soul. For people who appreciate R&B and dance music performed by a person with attention to detail, Ne-Yo hits all the marks.

From high energy performance pieces like "Let's Go" and "Closer," to slower, more soulful songs like "Addicted" and his breakout hit "So Sick," Ne-Yo expertly wraps his voice around every note and projects his voice to the back of the house.

His carefully choreographed numbers are always cast with skilled dancers who are as fun to watch as the singer himself. He is just as comfortable singing a cappella or with a live band, as he is with any track. The singer has worked hard at every step of his career from songwriting and producing, to singing and even acting.

Along with his numerous hits, Ne-Yo has also penned Top 10 singles for other artists like Mario, Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Beyonce and more. He even co-wrote Beyonce's 2006 hit, "Irreplaceable." With all of this success, some artists would become complacent, but Ne-Yo still pours his all into everything he does.

In a 2014 interview with The BoomBox, Ne-Yo states, "...with every dream realized there’s another piece to that dream that has yet to be realized. So, you know more growing to do, more learning to do, just more dreams to realize."

Throughout 2014, Ne-Yo has a residency in Las Vegas with regular performances at the Surrender nightclub in the Wynn Hotel & Casino. This opportunity has allowed him to stay in one place, which is perfect for a man with young children, while still regularly connecting with fans. The show has also allowed him the opportunity to collaborate with another Vegas mainstay, Celine Dion.