Trivium are set to take over the globe in waves
Directed and edited by Ramon Boutviseth

Orlando, Florida metal act Trivium formed in 2000 over their love for Metallica; vocalist/guitarist Matt Heafy was spotted by then vocalist Brad Lewter because of his cover of Metallica's "No Leaf Clover." The name Trivium, which is Latin for "the three ways," stems for the band's love of death metal, thrash metal and metalcore. German record label Lifeforce Records signed the band after spotting their demo. The band released their debut album entitled Ember to Inferno on the label in 2003. Just like how their demo attracted attention to Lifeforce Records, Ember to Inferno got the attention of Roadrunner Records, who signed the band shortly after.

The band received a ton of attention because of their young age; Heafy was only 17 when the band wrote and recorded Ember to Inferno. Their label debut Ascendancy was released in 2005 and featured the popular songs "Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr," "Like Light to the Flies," A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation" and "Dying in Your Arms." The band didn't slow down after the album's release; the following year, they released their third album The Crusade. Tours with Iron Maiden, Machine Head, Metallica, Shadows Fall, and Dragonforce garnered the band an expanding fanbase. Trivium kept the momentum going with the releases of 2008's Shogun, 2011's In Waves, and 2013's Vengeance Falls, which was produced by Disturbed/Device frontman David Draiman. Overall, the band have sold over one million copies worldwide and have received Gold (Ascendancy) and Silver (The Crusade) album certifications in the U.K.

Trivum's live performance is just a tight and electric as their studio recordings. Matt Heafy can certainly rile a crowd up while blazing through cuts like "Into the Mouth of Hell We March", "Entrance of the Conflagration", and "Built To Fall" with ease alongside guitarist Corey Beaulieu. The connection that bassist Paolo Gregoletto has with Trivium fans is grand; the Floridian is known for always connecting with fans on various social media outlets before and after gigs. Metalheads of all ages should march to their nearest venue when Trivium bring the riffs to their town.